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Lazy Days

Monday, December 27th, 2010

What a great Christmas we had. Everything worked out just fine and the approach of having no plans, no parties and just a quiet relaxing time seems to have been a hit. I’ve been so lazy that I haven’t even managed to finish the socks I’m knitting, but maybe I’ll get there today. We’ve really had time to read, watch films together and just have some  quality no-stress family time.

My son (aged almost 12) gave me strict instructions (which I ignored) that he did not want games, books or clothes for Christmas. We’ve spent many happy hours over the last couple of days playing a board game he got for Christmas, called Risk (or Risiko in German). I remember playing an earlier incarnation of the same game with my brother when I was a teenager. Then it was almost impossible to win if only two were playing and games went on literally for days. The new version is winnable, which is a great improvement. For those of you with sons in their early teens, this game has been pronounced cool by my son – praise indeed – and has kept the whole family away from computers, TVs, ipads and other assorted gadgets. real good old fashioned fun!

So all in all, with turkey sandwiches, Christmas cake and a lot of lazing around and doing not very much, while looking at the beautiful but icy cold snowy landscape outside, it has been a very satisfactory low stress Christmas. I’m just starting to get itchy fingers though and my mind is brimming full of plans for sewing projects in the New Year. I’m also going to try knitting some fingerless gloves once the socks are done – something new I’ve never tried before.

I hope you’ve enjoyed your Christmas too and managed to find a little calmness and peace amongst the hullaballoo!


One Response to “Lazy Days”

  1. CarlaHR Says:

    Hello Helen, it sounds like a wonderful Christmas; spending quality time with the whole family – just what you were hoping for. Our Christmas was very similar except for the board game – hubby just is not a “player” – if I want to play games I have to go to the computer. Do enjoy the rest of the holiday season in peace.