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Spring has sprung

Tuesday, March 23rd, 2010

I love these miniature irises. They bloom very early in my garden and are generally through by the end of March. Some years they take a total battering by late snowfall, but this year spring really does seem to be here for the next few days at least. Maybe they will make it to the end of the month. I hope so.

My mountain running training is now in full swing. This morning we ran up to the top of the Pfannenstiel – that’s the hill behind my house – and back.  We  took a roundabout trip through the woods to the top – the snow on the paths has almost all gone and the views, on the occasions we came out of the wood, were beautiful.  The mountains towards the Austrian border are still snow covered. In all it was about 1hour 15 minutes of hard gruelling slog. For the first time in a long time  my legs felt really tired after running and I had to soak them in a hot bath afterwards.  I guess that is a sign that we really worked hard and did something! The Zürich marathon is next month and I’m running in the relay – a 17km leg, so I need to really give it some gas now and get  some kilometers under my belt! On a positive note – it was soooo nice to be out without being wrapped in multiple layers, hats and gloves! Can’t wait to get my shorts out!

I actually had a pretty creative morning when I came home. I have now set the first of the Martinique nine patch blocks with the hourglass blocks:

I think I like them a little better now, although it is certainly going to be a very subdued quilt. ‘Subtle’ my mother would call it; others might be a little less polite and say it’s boring. I guess a real wowee border is called for!

I also worked a little on the Sylvan Spirit sweater. You may notice in the photo below that it appears to have shrunk since yesterday. Well, wouldn’t you know it, after posting yesterday I took another look at the pattern and thought to myself  “hang on a minute, Helen, that doesn’t actually look the same as my knitting”.  Don’t ask me how, but I had read the pattern wrong. It has a two row pattern repeat and being a complete dingbat I managed to miss the second row. Sometimes I really do wonder about my brain. The end result was that I had a k4p1 rib instead of (and I quote): stockinette stitch with an overall seed stitch pinstripe pattern. Well, I just had to have some of that overall seed stitch pattern, so ended up pulling everything out right back to the start of the second row. Duh. But it certainly looks nice now – and better that I found it out yesterday than tomorrow…. 🙂

And the moral of the story is: do read your pattern through before you start knitting, even if the pattern is only two rows long!

Hope you’re enjoying spring wherever you are!


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