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Going out with a whimper

Wednesday, December 29th, 2010

I have officially given up on 2010.  After yesterday’s shenanigans my plans to downhill ski, try a little cross-country skiing and generally be a happy outdoorsy person over the next few days have gone out of the window. Instead I’ve turned into a hobbling around old lady with a very sore lower back who can’t pick anything up and can’t even sit down for very long.

And it stinks!

I didn’t go to the doctor in the end – mainly because it would have been such a pain to get there. Maybe I should have, but I guess I’ll see one way or another in a day or two. Whatever, I have well and truly bashed my bottom – and my home diagnosis is a battered coccyx – which seems in any case to be a wait till it gets better type of injury.

So I’m staying home and not doing a whole lot. The next few days will include a little lying-down reading and watching movies and maybe a little light hand-quilting and if I feel really rash, maybe even a new (very small) knitting project, even though I know I shouldn’t.

Actually, when I put it like that, apart from the pain, it actually sounds quite nice. What is also nice is that mummy’s little and not-so-little helpers will have to get stuck in and take care of pretty much everything. I don’t think they are particularly thrilled, but there really isn’t an alternative.

I’m really not good at all at not being active, but I guess I need to learn…

Wish me luck at being lazy and pass me the chocolates…..


3 Responses to “Going out with a whimper”

  1. Linds Says:

    Hmmm. Pity you are not in Engelberg, we could recline on the couches and natter instead, discussin gour aching parts!I hope you feel better soon, but if you have cracked your coccyx maybe you need to see the doc anyway.

  2. Linds Says:

    discussing our, for heaven’s sake……..

  3. Susan @ Blackberry Creek Says:

    So now you know how I feel almost every day, Helen. Hope you’re all better soon and back to your shinanigans by 2011.