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Home sweet home

Friday, February 25th, 2011

As we couldn’t see the mountains anymore for thick fog, which looked like it would be hanging around for a while, we decamped back to the lowlands a day early. The teenagers were deliriously happy. Now they can lie around in their bedrooms at home doing nothing of consequence instead of lying in their room in the mountains doing the very same. What a lazy bunch we seem to have raised. Are all teenagers like this?

I had silly ideas that we would come home to the beginnings of spring. WRONG. No snow at least, but it’s very dismal, grey and damp and to tell you the truth, spring feels a long way off.

I plodded off to the supermarket to replenish supplies and so that we can eat over the weekend – and guess what? Tulips on special offer. So I bought enough to make my own little bit of spring.

They are payment in advance for what I am going to spend my weekend doing…..

Know the feeling?

I swear that every item of clothing my family possess is piled up on my laundry room floor. I think some naughty little monkey in particular thinks that it’s way easier just to dump everything in the laundry than taking the trouble to fold things and put them away.


Roll on Monday and the start of my new regime – and a little bit of very welcome peace and quiet  as school starts again!


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