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The first signs of spring

Saturday, February 26th, 2011

Somehow this year I seem to be desperate for spring to arrive. We haven’t had a particularly hard winter – it’s barely snowed since Christmas, but December was frigid and snowy and so maybe it just seems longer. Or maybe because I spent so much time homebound it gave me more time to notice. Whatever the reason, I’m counting the days until the weather warms and I can potter in the garden every day.

This morning I had every intention of getting up and going running in the woods, but it was dreary and foggy and I knew I would feel scared in the woods on my own. Why a bit of fog should make a difference I don’t know, but it did and as I couldn’t entice anyone to cycle along, I put my wellies on and ventured into the garden.

I don’t think I can have done a very thorough job of putting the garden to bed last year. In fact I know I didn’t. I did quite well until the autumn break, went away for a couple of weeks and then came back to rain and grotty weather and that was it. Now you have it. I admit that I am, on the whole, a fair weather gardener.

Today there was masses to do and even after a couple of hours I had really barely scratched the surface, but a start is a start and it’s way better than nothing at all. There seemed to be collossal amounts of moss that had magically grown under the snow through the winter and lots of things that should have been cut back, but weren’t. As I cleared away armfuls of moss I came upon…


which made the whole thing worthwhile. It’s funny how something so small and insignificant really lifts my spirits. Proof that it really doesn’t take much to make me happy!

Plans are starting to crystallize in my mind for changes I’m going to make – big ones like cutting down the sick cherry tree and converting it into sweet-smelling firewood and smaller ones like digging out the raggedy old lavender bushes along the steps, which are huge, but straggly and ugly. Time for new ones. The old plants have done valiant service, but are years past their best.

Next week my favourite garden centre will open at a new location – with even more on offer. Even if it’s too early to plant things out up here in the hills, I’ll be there, soaking up the possibilities and buying seeds and hardy plants that will survive if we get another load of snow. I can’t wait.

I also just heard that Monty Don is returning to Gardener’s World – and that the programme will mainly be filmed from his own garden. I’m so glad to see him coming back and has recovered from his stroke three years ago. I’ll certainly be looking out to see what he’s up to. Not only is he ruggedly dishy, but he comes over as such a nice man and I always feel motivated to get out there and do stuff. I read an article recently by Monty where he said that you get as much pleasure out of seeing a snowdrop bloom as out of having a successful career. Now there’s a man after my own heart!

As I’m putting the last words to this, a shaft of sunlight has just broken through the fog. I guess I’d better get out there and make the most of it!


3 Responses to “The first signs of spring”

  1. CarlaHR Says:

    How exciting to see the first signs of spring – unfortunately it will be a good while longer before we do so. Like you I bought myself a dose of spring in the form of tulips – red ones in my case – unfortunately they are now gone and I must get another bunch – perhaps in the form of a plant rather than cut flowers. Hope you enjoyed your run in the sun.

  2. Stephanie Says:

    I’m new to your blog – and delighted to have found it. I cycle, knit and write – not quite as much multitasking as you do!
    Spring is a long way off in central France where I live – we are back to below freezing and hail again. But good weather for knitting and writing.
    Looking forward to following your activities!

  3. Wendy Says:

    Very exciting!! we have at least a couple months before I see any green shooting up from my flowerbeds…I just have to be patient