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Spring on the farm

Friday, March 25th, 2011

Once or twice a week I drive to the next village to buy my fruit and vegetables at the local farm shop. It’s a wonderful shop in an old barn – only open for a few hours four days a week – and always full wonderful things! They always sell a lot of their own produce, but do import some things, so there is always a good selection. You can’t buy strawberries or peaches in December though. It’s pretty seasonal here.  There are also cheeses from the mountains, home-pressed apple juice, elderberry cordials, home-made jams and plants. Oh, and they also make lovely Christmas wreaths and flower bouquets and baskets.

In the early spring I’m always on tenterhooks and it’s always exciting to swing by. Today I finally found what I’ve been waiting for. Isn’t it wonderful? And this is only the start!

Today my son and I have dug out all my huge, old, bedraggled lavender plants from the garden – I paid hard cash for his help and it was worth every penny! Tomorrow I’m going to drive by and collect ten lovely new fresh lavender plants and I can’t wait to plant them in the garden.

Now I know it really is spring!


4 Responses to “Spring on the farm”

  1. Nicole Says:

    Oh, it is Spring where you live! It might be Spring here too, but I can’t tell because it has been raining for the entire month of March. Oh, to feel the sun again! Good luck with your planting. My husband pulled out our scraggly lavender also, but we have not been able to replant yet since everything is so soggy.

  2. CarlaHR Says:

    Poor me…….my garden is still covered with snow. I would love to come with you to the that farm shop (with a wallet stuffed with SFs of course) and I would be sure to help you with your planting – enjoy.

  3. Annabella Says:

    It`s very seasonal here too as very little is imported. I do like that way of buying food. It`s soft fruits time at the moment and the strawberries are plump, juicy and very tasty. However, as it gets hotter and hotter the choice of vegetables and fruit diminishes as I guess it`s just too hot for most things to grow but that`s when the water melon appears and is nothing like the tasteless stuff in the UK supermarkets. Your farm shop looks lovely – I like farm shops! Enjoying seeing Switzerland in the sun.

  4. Stephanie Says:

    My kids work well for money too!
    Looks like a lovely shop – how handy to have one close by. The French don’t tend to go for that sort of thing, certainly not in our part of the world.