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Sunday, March 27th, 2011

Next week is going to be more than hectic. I’m waiting for a big and long delayed project to arrive, over which I will have to wave a magic wand and edit in no time at all to meet an already tight deadline. At least that is what my client wants and expects and so that is exactly what I will try to provide. I hope I won’t end up working through the night, but I have nagging doubts that that may infact be what I have to do. At least though if I do, I can do it in my pj’s and with a mug of cocoa by my side and with Bumble Bee for company. Such are the joys of self-employment!

With that in mind I’m trying to get a head start on the week today. If I feel that the home front is relatively organized (a more or less hygienic house and enough clean socks and underpants to keep the troops going for a few days) then I know I’ll be in a much better place to deal with the stress.

Amazingly our weekend of torrential rain has not materialized yet – which is sad for the garden, but good for me. I’ve been slaving away this morning outside – and enjoying every minute of it! Ten new lavender bushes have been planted along with lots of iris bulbs and my whole crop of broad beans. I’ve cut back foliage so that I could reach my rather neglected storage box, braved the spiders and thrown away enough old split plastic plant pots to fill a 70 litre bin bag. (Which has got to mean at least the equivalent of two more bags to add to my 40 bags in 40 days project for lent – although I confess I’ve totally lost count of where I’m up to!). The cold frame glass is washed and I’ve relaid the woodchip path through my aromatic garden. Bliss! For once I’m under control in the garden!!

Our unseasonal spring weather means that everything is bursting into bud and flower – not least the pesky weeds. Battle on that front has begun. I saw the first bud of my mortal enemy the horsetail today. Apparently horsetail are one of the oldest plants in existence – they were around with the dinosaurs and I know why. The roots go down to Australia and they are simply impossible to get rid of. But every year I fight the good fight, because if I don’t they will just take over my entire garden.

Now I’m back inside again and pressing on with clearing up and organizing. It feels good – I’m really getting somewhere. I know by tomorrow evening the house will be upside down again, but for now my efforts at domesticity are working and it’s lifting my spirits.

I actually really rather like days like today.


2 Responses to “Domesticity”

  1. Wendy Currie Says:

    Wow spring really did arrive for you! We are still waiting for the blanket of snow to melt! It’s hard to believe that a year ago we were in the boat fishing on a beautiful sunny day.
    Do you have problems with critters eating your garden there?

  2. Stephanie Says:

    You have a lovely garden. Ours is still a work in progress. Do hope that editing job isn’t too much of a nightmare. I can truly sympathise.
    We get horsetails but nowhere that I mind them appearing. I rather like them, because they’re such an old and strange plant.
    Congratulations on a day of domestic goddessing! Well done you!