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Cupcakes à la Suisse

Tuesday, March 29th, 2011

Cupcake mania has finally made it to Switzerland. As with all patisserie, the Swiss seem to have taken the art form to its extreme!

My husband bought these home from Vollenweider on the Seefeldstrasse in Zürich, a very, very beautiful patisserie. I have to say that I can’t ever imagine buying a cupcake from a shop myself. They cost an arm and a leg, as I’m sure you can imagine.

We did a taste test at teatime yesterday:

Chocolate Cupcake:

  • Decoration 10/10 – hard to beat. These cakes are without doubt very beautiful.
  • Icing 9/10 – very good, but just way too much. Nobody managed to eat a whole one!
  • Cake 8.5/10 – very filling with a soft chocolate centre.


  • Decoration 10/10
  • Icing 8/10 – way too much and quite strongly flavoured
  • Cake 6/10 – disappointingly dry, despite a delicious lemon curd centre. Totally overpowered by the icing

Overall verdict – nice for a treat and they do look very beautiful, but if I’m honest, really over the top and not worth what they cost. I’m going back to baking my own for a fresher, lighter cupcake and a heavier wallet! There are still some leftovers sitting in the fridge, which probably say more than words could.

Have a great week!





One Response to “Cupcakes à la Suisse”

  1. Stephanie Says:

    What beautiful cakes! And lemon curd inside the green one – I love lemon curd. When I was little Dad used bring after-sell-by-date Kunzel Cakes from work every now and again. We thought they were the best thing in the world!