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Zürich marathon day

Sunday, April 11th, 2010

I would love to be able to tell you that I ran the Zürich marathon. One day maybe. I did however take part in the marathon relay today with my lovely running ladies. The allocation of the distances was a bit strange – 10km, 10km, 5km and 17.2km (why not 3 times 10km and maybe a 12.2km to finish?). Never mind, not my problem except that the short straw was drawn for me and I ran the final leg.

Conditions were absolutely perfect – bright sunshine and a little breeze and fairly cool. I was so pleased it wasn’t warm. I’m a cold girl and just fade away and die when it warms up – give me below freezing any day. It wasn’t that cold, but around 7-8 degrees. I couldn’t have asked for more.

My part of the race took me halfway down the Lake of Zürich, into the city, a loop of the town centre and finished half a mile or so up the other shore of the lake. It’s a pretty run and there were lots of supporters cheering us on. What really helped me were all the musicians along the way – every so often I would start flagging a little and then there would be a rock band on the side of the road blasting out great music which I could run along in time to 🙂 I must actually try running with my i-pod. I so seldom run alone that I’ve never felt the need for music – we’re normally way too busy chatting – but maybe for longer races it would help.

We finished – or I finished on behalf of everyone else – in 3 hours 44 minutes; 216 out of 320 teams. Not a bad effort for 4 ladies of a certain age when competing against teams of young fit men, mixed teams and generally being somewhat above the average age for the race. It isn’t a hard race – pretty much completely flat – but it is all run on asphalt and that is hard on the feet and joints (although my joints feel surprisingly OK).

My feet hurt and I’m bone tired. A little gentle knitting and an early night would seem to be called for!


One Response to “Zürich marathon day”

  1. Susan @ Blackberry Creek Says:

    I ran from the drive to the mailbox this morning (about five feet). Well, no, actually I just walked a little faster than usual. 🙂