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Beautiful beads

Tuesday, April 13th, 2010

Yesterday I did something that I’ve been wanting to do for a very long time. I took a bead-making class at the Glas Cafe in a little town near where I live. I have a good friend, Suzanne who lives near Santa Cruz who makes beads and jewellery and whose work I have admired (not to mention coveted!) for eons. I have known about the bead class for a long time, but decided that until I had offloaded some of the other time-consuming activities I was involved in and didn’t want to be involved in (such as running the local PTA and being on the board of the local football club) that I couldn’t commit to anything new. Anyway I was true to my word, learned to say ‘no’, offloaded some commitments and duly hit the glass studio!

What a day! It was almost like learning to drive a car all over again – so many things to think about – but so much fun! It’s pretty tricky and requires an awful lot of concentration as there are an such a lot of things that have to be just right – flame temperature, glass melting, keeping the bead round and not falling off the metal stick if you forget to turn it, and a whole lot more… I really had a blast – and some of my beads turned out pretty well, if I say so myself! I can see that bead-making is something that takes time and practice, but I will certainly heading back to try some more – maybe classes and certainly a few hours practice time at the open atelier. The equipment needed to set up bead-making at home seems to be pretty expensive and takes up a lot of space, so I’d like to be able to work somewhere else for a while to see if it really is for me before I lay hard cash down. If anyone out there knows anything about working with glass with small portable burners (ie not giant propane and oxygen tanks) I’d love to hear about your experiences! My appetite has been well and truly wetted.

I’m also making progress on the second Oceanwinds sock. I keep looking at the remaining ball of wool and thinking it doesn’t look very big and that there is an awful lot of sock still to go. What do I do if I run out halfway down the foot. Apart from cry that is? I’m saying prayers to the sock-knitting angels to stretch out my yarn. I’ll keep you posted. You will hear the screaming if my prayers remain unanswered…

Have a nice day now!


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