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You never quite know what you might find!

Tuesday, May 24th, 2011

Today I had a project booked in to work on which has been delayed. Garden work and paying work have been keeping me pretty busy recently, so the house has been more than a bit neglected, and if I’m honest the chaos was starting to get me down.

I’m not a super-tidy housewife type and I get incredibly bored doing the cleaning, but sometimes the mess starts to be overwhelming and I need order, even if nobody else notices or cares and it’s just for my own peace of mind. Today I really wanted to start basting two quilt tops, but without banishing the dust bunnies that was never going to be feasible, so I set to with a vengeance.

I’ve cleaned my office / sewing room / bedroom to within an inch of its life. I was shocked what a mess it was in. Not just dust, but every surface covered by piles of well, stuff that needs dealing with. Over the years I have realized that that sort of chaos blocks any spark of creativity that may be trying to bubble up. I ended up spending the whole morning getting everything sorted out – and now it’s bliss. Just pure bliss. Organized, tidy, like a breath of fresh air and a pleasure to spend time in again. It was worth it.

In one of the multifarious baskets full of odds and ends I unearthed this foundation piecing project….

I’m ashamed to say that I haven’t the faintest recollection of ever starting this – although judging by the style, technique and the batik fabrics I’m guessing it must have been from a day course at the Patch-Workshop in Zürich. Many moons ago….many, many moons ago…

I rather like it. The colours are much nicer than they have come out on the photo and the piecing looks pretty good. All the fabric seems to be here and the foundation papers are all drawn. I think I might spend the afternoon seeing if I can finish it off. I can’t imagine it will take much time. And it certainly beats basting quilts on the floor. They aren’t going anywhere. They can wait for a rainy day!



4 Responses to “You never quite know what you might find!”

  1. jane Says:

    In my experience, everything takes way longer than you think. But you are right. Anything is better than basting a quilt anywhere.

  2. Vreni Says:

    Funny, I’ve done the same today. Sorting and chucking out stuff and my drawers look lovely, so organized and so much free space. Your foundation pieced block looks amazing; it reminds me of fire. I hope you’ll finish it one day. Do you still have a necessary fabrics?

  3. Stephanie Says:

    I’m way behind with my housework too 🙁
    I love the piece you found, zappy colours. Hope you’ll finish it!

  4. marycatharine Says:

    It’s a really interesting block, the way the colours flow is striking. While I don’t love cleaning or organizing the end product is worth the trouble… bliss is such a good way of describing it.