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Sock Finish No 3 2010

Thursday, April 15th, 2010

I’m at that stage at the moment where when I look around my tiny little sewing niche  all I see is unfinished projects. It’s starting to weigh down on me a little. In my dreams I would like to be one of those people who starts something, works efficiently on it until it’s done and then, and only then, moves on to something new. What I actually am is a butterfly – moving from one thing to the other – a little bit here, a little bit there….I promise that everything does get finished in the end, but on the way there are a lot of bags of half completed masterpieces (ha!) and it does sometimes take years..

Yesterday it started to really get to me. I think the blog makes it worse – I mean I can’t keep churning out photos of a sweater that is now an inch longer, a sock where I’ve finally turned the heel after 2 months. No! Action and finished works is what we need on here – and that is part of the point of the whole thing surely, to move me on creatively. So I neglected the house, the kids and the cat (thankfully it was raining, so I wasn’t neglecting the garden too) and knuckled down to my beautiful second sock. Thankfully my very tolerant husband was out with friends in Basel, so nobody was going to complain about fish fingers for dinner and being left to their own devices for the evening.

And what do you know? I got it finished. And I love it just as much as I loved the first one! Second time round was way easier – less catastrophic mistakes and unravelling involved and I had the pattern nailed. As you can see below, the leaves really are very pretty!

For anyone who missed the whole birthing process on this one – these socks are knitted in Marino 100 using a sleepy hollow socks pattern by Oceanwinds. It’s a great pattern – if not for beginners and the yarn knits like a dream. I was left with the tiniest ball (and I mean really tiny!) of left-over wool, so I was biting my fingernails a bit towards the end and praying to the knitting angels to make sure it lasted, and I’m very, very happy that my feet aren’t larger (well I think that anyway!). If they had been I think I would have been left with my toes sticking out. After all the work I would have just lain down and cried I can tell you. But, luck had it, there was enough and they are done.

Now I have a quilt top to go and finish – Moda Martinique jelly roll fabric – remember that?

Hopefully more soon!


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