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Tada….Martinique is done

Friday, April 16th, 2010

I’m really on a roll now – and it feels just great! After getting the socks finished on Wednesday, spending yesterday wrestling with my MacBook to sort out shrinking photos so that they fit on the server (and I can put them on the blog), today I turned my attention to the Martinique quilt top. It went together like a dream at the end – all I had left to do was sew on about 20 blocks and put on the borders. I used some fabric I already had for the peachy/pinky first border – which I think works really well as it lightens the top up. Then I decided on a green final border, mainly because it is a bit less sombre than the brown, and I’ll bind it in brown when I get that far.

Once I had my two girls on the balcony holding it up to be photographed I really quite took to it! I was so unsure while I was making this top as the Martinique jelly roll colours for the nine-patches just didn’t really do it for me, but now I really think I’ve grown into it. It certainly isn’t a colour combination that I would have put together myself, but maybe because of that it was a good exercise in something (quite what I’m not sure!). Anyway, it’s done and I have an inkling that someone in the family will probably claim it once it’s finished. Quilts never seem to look for homes for very long around here.

Despite the fact that I had asked both girls to bend down so as not to distract from the quilt, as you can see, daughter no.2 (otherwise known as the Hollywood starlet) is so desperate for fame that she refused to comply. If that girl doesn’t make it onto the silver screen one day I’ll eat my hat!

I’m planning this as a second machine quilting project but to be perfectly frank with you I’m a little scared. It’s pretty huge and it may be tricky getting it under my machine, but I’ll give it a go. Where there’s a will there’s a way. It will be super amazing practice if nothing else. Any tips from wise old quilters who have walked this path before me would be greatly appreciated.

It may take a while to get to the point where I can quilt. I’ll have to make a trip into Zürich to buy some batting and as there are way too many other things going on around here at the moment that isn’t first on my list. I leave for Rome in a little more than a week and I’m guessing it won’t be before I get back from that trip – if I get there at all with all the volcanic activity going on over Europe at the moment which is closing airports left, right and centre. My almost 83 year old mother is coming over from England for the trip – I hope she makes it. She’s excited about going back to Rome. She was last there in about 1955 when she and my father drove all the way there from Newcastle in Northern England on a tiny little Lambretta scooter. That has got to be way over 1000 miles in each direction. I’m guessing it probably took them a week to get there, then they must have spent about half an hour in Rome and a week driving back home. Oh the craziness of youth.

Wishing you a little youthful craziness over the weekend,


One Response to “Tada….Martinique is done”

  1. Nicole Says:

    I see what you mean about the color palette being kind of subtle. I am going to have my blocks on an off white background, so I am hoping they will show up!