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Quiet skies

Saturday, April 17th, 2010

Today for the first time in at least five years I awoke to quiet. Apart from birdsong, outside all was still. It was strange and I had almost forgotten how it could be. On every other morning I hear the rushing noise of big jets coming in to land at Zürich airport every few minutes.

Many years ago when we bought our house it was quiet all the time. It was one of the reasons we wanted to live here. But then about 5 years ago the German authorities decided to block planes flying over the border lands coming in to land at Zürich early in the morning or late in the evening. So the landing path was shifted to over our house. At the beginning it felt like the planes were going to come right through our bedroom, but then we sorted out our windows so that they were always closed when the planes came and the flightpath was moved a few hundred yards away. Now I could lie in bed if I wanted (I don’t) and wave at the pilots as one plane after another comes down on the same trajectory every two minutes or so.

Today there is nothing. Not one plane. The ash cloud from the Icelandic volcano has reached Swiss airspace and all flights have been stopped – until when? We don’t know. Only mother nature can give that answer. It’s a little hazy outside. I don’t know if that is caused by the ash (which as far as I know is still at high altitudes) or if it’s just an ordinary hazy day. There must have been an amazing sunrise this morning, but I didn’t see it, tucked up asleep as I was, enjoying the peace and quiet….

After my completions of this week I am looking forward to starting a new patchwork project today. Having read all the rave reviews and seen some gorgeous quilts on fellow blogger’s sites I have treated myself to some patterns from Miss Rosie’s Quilt Co. They arrived this week. I’m spoilt for choice.

All I know is that I’m going to use my stash and pick my own colours. I can’t wait!

I hope you can enjoy some quiet at your house this morning.


3 Responses to “Quiet skies”

  1. Wendy Currie Says:

    I’ve only stayed in hotels that are on the flight path in Toronto Canada and I’m sure the buildings are built so that the noise is limited but I could still hear them all night. You must really be enjoying this little holiday from the noise! We have tickets booked to go to Finland this summer and its a little unsettling to see how quickly things can happen that could affect our trip.
    I love your new patterns I have 4 of those myself. Have fun making them!

  2. Helen Says:

    Hopefully by the summer this will all have calmed down a bit. I’m so envious that you are going to Finland. I so wanted to go and stay in a cabin on a lake there this summer – but unfortunately couldn’t convince the rest of the family – you’ll have to let me know how it goes. I guess the fishing will be great! Have a nice Sunday. Lol Helen

  3. Nicole Says:

    You have picked some great patterns!