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Winter White Wins…

Wednesday, April 21st, 2010

I’ve had such fun working on the Winter White schnibble pattern from Miss Rosie’s Quilt Co over the last couple of days. It includes a clever way of making the flying geese and was really a super-quick easy project which went together easily. Now it just needs the outer border and it will be done.  I’m a little undecided on which fabric I’m going to use as I think it needs something stronger than the turquoise I was planning on. I’m having little fashion shows with all the potential candidates – I keep walking away, coming back, squinting and walking away again…

I would have been finished by now if my sewing machine hadn’t started to behave strangely. After a much overdue clean and some oil it seems to have reverted to the straight and narrow – so I should get the borders done today. If I can make my mind up, that is….

I really enjoyed finally using two pieces of Parisian Le Vouvray fabric and also a couple of pieces of William Morris – all of which I have been hoarding for a very, very long time. It’s so nice to finally do something with them and I love the green and blue colour combination here. The only thing that disturbed me a little was the size. The quilt should be approx. 35 x 35 inches when I’m done – and I realized that I’m so used to working on bed-sized pieces that I really didn’t want to stop after I’d done the nine blocks. I could have happily carried on and made it bed-size. Anyway, I had to stop as some of the fabrics ran out. Maybe that isn’t such a bad thing. How many bed quilts does a girl need? (No, don’t answer that – the correct answer is ‘as many as she possesses’).

Now I’m thinking about how to quilt it. It’s so small it wouldn’t take too long to hand-quilt – but on the other had I have vowed to try to quilt more by machine (life being short and all that…). At least it’s small enough that I won’t have any trouble quilting it on the machine. I guess I’ll rummage around in my pattern books and see if I can find any nice patterns that inspire me.

I can’t believe I’ve got three things ‘done’ in only a week or so. This is so out of character you wouldn’t believe! A little blogging pressure sure can move mountains!

On that happy note I shall close – life is calling. I have to take Idefix to his extra German lesson. I have no idea what he will do there – we were at the eye doctor this morning and he had drops put in his eyes to dilate them, so he can’t see anything at all close up. He thinks this is very funny and is enjoying every moment of it. By tomorrow he should be back to normal and his eyes are fine, which is always a good thing!

Have a nice afternoon,


One Response to “Winter White Wins…”

  1. Susan Ramey Cleveland Says:

    Love your quilt, Helen. The colors are so soft and pretty.