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Sweaters and plans

Thursday, April 22nd, 2010

Last night and today I’ve been pressing on with the Retro Ribbed Turtleneck (from the Green Mountain Spinnery) using the Sylvan Spirit yarn – does it look familiar? Such a nice yarn to knit with and I just love the colour. The jury is out on the pattern – it’s a very different style for me. But change is good, right? I wouldn’t want to be stuck in a rut, as we say in England! Anyway it’s progressing nicely and I’m guessing I should make a fair amount of ground this evening. Husband is out and I’ll either be watching (with half an eye) or listening to the second British election debate. Last week’s debate between the three main party leaders (the first ever televised election debate in the UK) had a huge effect on the face of British politics. A good one I think. Tonight they will be mainly talking about foreign policy – and I’m pretty interested to hear what everyone has to say. I don’t vote in the UK any more, but that certainly doesn’t mean I’m not interested in what is going on. Especially when it starts to get exciting. I’m very happy to see the Liberal Democrats on the rise. I guess I’d vote for them if I could.

My other concern at the moment is the Berglauf I’ve signed up for in the summer. That’s the 31km run from Davos to Filisur on July 31st. I know I should be radically changing my training plan to get myself ready – but to be honest I’m a little stumped. I can’t run 4-5 times a week – my body would fall apart on me. I can do tough training but I need a little longer to recover than I used to. The last thing I want to do is go and get injured now, so I know I have to play it carefully. On the other hand, I don’t want to do too little training and really struggle on the big day, and fail to finish, or even worse, come last, limping and crying over the line…. I’m wondering about taking the step and paying hard cash and consulting a professional – so that he or she could draw up a training plan for me that would fit the bill. I guess that would probably make sense. Do professional trainers even consider middle-aged ladies seriously though? I don’t want to be laughed at or told to just go away. Oh well, I guess my money is the same colour as everyone else’s! I’ll let you know how I get on.

Well I think that is it for now. I’m off to enjoy the glorious spring weather. The garden is calling me – loudly and not very politely.

I hope you are enjoying life wherever you are!


PS. I have just looked again at the photo I’ve just posted – and I have to say that it is in no way a true representation of the real colour of this sweater – which is in fact a glorious lavender blue. I will try to do better next time!!

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