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Saturday, April 24th, 2010

Today is a glorious lazy spring day. My mother will arrive from England this afternoon. Thankfully the planes are flying normally again – although we did enjoy the quiet when they weren’t. It’s nice not to have any ‘will she, won’t she’ stress about her arrival, although there is bound to be a little stress involved in getting my husband to clear up his office, which doubles up as our guest bedroom, before she arrives.

The children broke up for their two week spring break yesterday. There is no-one to run after to do homework, get ready for sport practice or drive around. I feel like I’m taking a deep breath of spring air and letting go…just relaxing and going with the flow. There are a zillion things I could be doing, should be doing, but today I’m just not going to. Or at least I may do something, but only if it takes my fancy and not because I think I ought to. Bliss.

There’s a lot to be done in the garden, which has started growing with a vengeance after a week of mild temperatures after a long hard winter. It can wait a day or two. It isn’t going anywhere.

I love to be outside just pottering around and not having to wrap up warm to brave going out. I sit outside on the patio in my jammies first thing in the morning with a cup of tea, just savouring the fresh air, new growth in the garden and the chance to be outside. Five minutes of peace just to be. It starts the day off well.

Today I have been sitting outside reading up on dyslexia, which my son suffers from in a mild form, to see how I can best support him at home. We seem to be on the right track, although his school teacher is less than helpful. All that I have found out since his diagnosis a few months ago has helped to put the pieces of the jigsaw that is my son together – his lack of organisational skills, inability to retain more than one instruction at a time, incredible ability when it comes to constructing anything or spatial visualization (he loves geometry) – all of these things are characteristic of a child with dyslexia. I never realized any of this, always just seeing the struggle to learn to read and the difficulties with spelling and punctuation. I feel quite accepting of the situation. We will do what we can do to support him and he will find his way. It’s all part of making him the lovely boy he is (most of the time), and it helps us to understand some of the frustrations that are sometimes going around in his 11 year old head.

I love it when life is simple and calm and there is really nothing much going on. Maybe I wouldn’t appreciate it so much if every day was like today. But today it makes me really happy.

Take time to step back and smell the flowers…


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