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Roman Holiday

Sunday, May 2nd, 2010

Well, I’m back…

Rome was great, but five days was maybe a little long for teenagers who are more interested in the Jonas brothers than Julius Caesar. There are only so many monuments and churches that you can press-gang a 13 year old into visiting and Rome is a little low on the light relief for teenagers front. I realize how lucky I am however to have such a wonderful city almost on my doorstep – a 1 hour 10 minute flight – about 650 km as the crow flies. Really not far. We should make trips like this more often. (And we will when the children have left home!!!)

What did I enjoy the most? – of course the obvious sights – St.Peter’s (see above), the Vatican, the Sistine Chapel, the Colosseum, the Trevi Fountain, the Forum (see below), wandering around a city totally full of life, eating in tiny back street trattoria where the food is homemade and fabulous and you almost feel like one of the family…

but what really got me excited were the mosaic floors. (My children really thought I was a sad case when I admitted to this…., but when you are a quilter through and through……what can you do?)

St. Peter’s has great floors, but so many people visiting that it makes them difficult to see. St. Giovanni in Laterano the oldest of  Rome’s papal churches,however was fantastic and quiet. It was originally built in the 4th Century and had it’s last major rebuild in 1646. St Maria Maggiore, another of the great basilicas also had fabulous floors. I’ve been doing a little research since I came home and the mosaics in both churches date from the 12th and 13th centuries. I’m sure they have probably had a little restoration work done at some time – but I cannot get my head round the fact that people have been walking on those floors for almost a thousand years and they are PERFECT, not a little scuffed around the edges, not with corners missing or worn patches, just completely and utterly perfect

I can tell you, I was just entranced by them. They were full, totally full of the best patchwork patterns you ever saw. I could make those floors – although my geometry skills would be pretty challenged on the circles of flying geese.

The sun shone, the spaghetti and gelati were just fine and granny and the kids had a great time (most of the time).

Now it’s back to the knitting. Do you know, I was really looking forward to coming home and working on my sweater. I guess I’m just a sad case.


2 Responses to “Roman Holiday”

  1. Wendy Says:

    Those floors are amazing! Imagine the labor that must have gone into them. Sounds like a very interesting trip, teen years are such a funny stage, they’ll be glad later on that you exposed them to history first hand.
    I also look forward to getting back to my quiet endeavors after being away.

  2. Helen Says:

    Yes, the floors were just incredible. I kept thinking about the pilgrims who came from the tiny little villages in totally isolated valleys and saw these sights. I mean to us today they are amazing and overwhelming, but to people way back when it must have been so much more incredible.
    I agree it’s nice to come home and get back to quiet (well almost!) normal life again!