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I’m definitely going off Sundays….

Saturday, August 27th, 2011

I’ve always heard of the dreading Sunday phenomenon, but personally I thought it wouldn’t ever apply to me.

But now it does…

According to my Runner’s World Marathon Training Plan I’m now in monster month. Gulp. That doesn’t sound good. Sundays are the long run day…and boy, the runs are starting to get really long.

Tomorrow I have to run 16 miles. I’m sure I can do it. I’ve done it before, but I know it may not be pretty…

But at least the weather has broken and it’s predicted to be a delightful 8 degrees in the morning, which right now seems like an answer to prayer. Last week I should have run 14 miles, but had to call it a day after 7 because it hit 30 degrees at 10am and I didn’t want to die.

I’ve opted out of a trip to see the new Woody Allen movie this evening and I’m going to bed before the children. In the morning I’m just going to get up bright and early and try not to think about what I have to do.

I’m just going to do it. Like they say you should.

And then sleep all afternoon…;-)


5 Responses to “I’m definitely going off Sundays….”

  1. diane stanley Says:

    I remember when I was training for my 60 mile, 3-day walks I would sleep all afternoon after those long training days. You wouldn’t think walking would take as much out of you as running, but walking for 6-8 hours in the heat is tiring. Glad the weather has cooled for your big run. Wish you a good run and a nice nap!

  2. Annabella Says:

    Have a good run!

  3. CarlaHR Says:

    You are a devil for punishment aren’t you? Enjoy the run and more importantly the nap. It is still hot and humid here but that might change after Irene – we are not in the path but do expect some sort of impact.

  4. Shelley Says:

    So glad the weather has broken. I got nervous every time I got into double-digit mileage when training for my first half-marathon but it was always OK. I know you can do it. (In training for my first, and only, marathon, I was either too young at 14 to get nervous about the mileage or over the subsequent decades I have managed to block the memory completely!) I’ll send good thoughts your way on Sunday, and please do the same for me as I watch and wait for Hurricane Irene to make her way up to New England where I live.

  5. marycatharine Says:

    It’s good that it’s cooling down just in time for your Monster month. Running in +30 can’t be great for you after a certain point. Hope your run went well 🙂