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A Sunny Autumn Day in Rapperswil

Wednesday, September 28th, 2011

Yesterday was one of those beautiful calm autumn days when it’s a joy to be by the water soaking up the last rays before winter kicks in. A day for sitting in a lakeside cafe and watching the world go by. This is Rapperswil – a little town on Lake Zürich, maybe 20 minutes from where I live.

Knowing what weather and temperatures will undoubtedly be coming our way before too long I have no hesitation whatsoever in throwing cares – and chores – to the winds to make time to enjoy these days! There will be enough freezing grey winter days to clean the house!


7 Responses to “A Sunny Autumn Day in Rapperswil”

  1. Vreni Says:

    Wow, look at the sky! I am jealous ;).

  2. Chris in South Jersey Says:

    I’m jealous too. We have had too many rainy or overcast days this summer. When is a good time for visiting your area of Switzerland?

  3. ailsa Says:

    To your last comment – too true!!

    It’s been a beautiful day here too!

  4. Susan Says:

    Glad you have your priorities right! Be a shame to miss such a beautiful place on a stunning day.

  5. Wendy Says:

    Beautiful Pictures Helen and I so agree, all too soon the winter weather will return.

  6. Stephanie Says:

    What a lovely spot. We’re having tremendous weather here in France too. I’m still swimming in our pool and determinedly making the most of the sunshine while we still have it.

  7. Vanessa Says:

    Lovely photos. It looks a very pleasant place. Hot weather continues here in France and you’re quite right – leave the chores to a rainy day!