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Sunday, October 2nd, 2011

It’s hard to believe it’s October already. The summer is gone, or it should be. After not having much summer in July, the last few days have been a delight – foggy and autumn in the mornings and then once the sun burns through delightfully summery in the afternoons. What the Swiss call an Altwiebersommer – old woman summer and the Brits an Indian summer. I wonder where those names came from…

I’m slowly trying to cut back in the garden and prepare for the winter. It’s slow because my stupid hip is still playing up. Last week – for no reason (I had been behaving!) – my hip pain got much worse and I ended up having a cortisone shot from the doctor. The hip pain is definitely on the mend now, but the rest of my body doesn’t seem to like the cortisone at all and I’ve had a horrible chemical-induced headache for the last few days. It isn’t bad enough for me to take to my bed, but it’s enough that it just nags away at me, making me forgetful and cranky. I hope the cortisone level will start dropping soon and I’ll feel a bit better.

So everything is going in slow motion, a little here and a little there. No great achievements, but gradually getting nearer my little goals. I’m slowly working on projects and starting to think about a little gentle Christmas gift sock knitting. I haven’t knitted any socks in a little while and I’m actually really excited to get down to it again – sock knitting is soothing and eminently satisfying – and I love sock yarns. I’ve been doing the first auditions and  I think I know who this year’s prospective recipients are. As I have a quilt to finish and one to start for Christmas too I may have my work cut out for me. But that’s OK. There isn’t much work thats nicer than sitting infront of the fire on a cold gloomy day and clicking away at a pair of socks!

Enjoy your Sunday. Here’s hoping it’s a peaceful one!










6 Responses to “Autumn”

  1. diane stanley Says:

    Injuries are difficult to get over, so I hope you will soon be on the mend. I know you are following doctor’s orders, so be patient and all will soon be back to normal. Did you grow the cute little pumpkins?

  2. Jane Says:

    Sorry that you’ve had to slow down. Hope you are recovered soon.

  3. Juliann Says:

    Autumn has come to our part of the world too. I am making butternut squash soup for dinner and looking forward to some knitting time. enJOY

  4. Susan Says:

    My understanding is that ‘Indian Summer’ comes from America and the first settlers. The weather started changing and the new arrivals were worried about being ready for a long winter. The Indians told them not to worry there would be better weather and time to prepare – hence the name.

    Sorry that your hip has been bothering you. Don’t be discouraged. It takes time but it should get better.

  5. Vanessa Says:

    We have also been having fabulous weather here in SW France but we’re desperate for rain. I hope your hip is on the mend.

  6. pam Says:

    Oh Helen, I just stopped by to catch up and am so sorry to hear that your hip and the treatment for the pain are giving you so much trouble.

    Knitting socks – THAT is the best medicine ever. What is it about knitting socks? Truly my favorite thing to knit as well.

    The photograph at the top of the post is just simply beautiful. Simple and yet an image one would never tire of viewing. I love it!