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The Big Freeze

Wednesday, February 1st, 2012


The temperatures are dropping – we’re going down a few degrees a day and by Friday it will be minus 15….brrrr….too cold to snow.

I’m hunkering down as much as possible and trying to make the house as cosy and welcoming as I can for all those coming in from outside. There is a log fire burning, candles lit, bread rising and a Victoria Sponge cake in the oven…I’m mostly by the fire knitting and reading when I’m not in the kitchen.

It still doesn’t seem to be enough to stop teenagers from locking themselves away in their bedrooms though. What is it that makes cosy family time so deeply unattractive to them? Hormones? Mothers?

I’ll keep trying. One day they will realize that it’s so much nicer down here!


4 Responses to “The Big Freeze”

  1. Chris in South Jersey Says:

    I wish we would get some extended cold and have a proper winter. The temps here have been yoyoing from highs of 60s (F) to lows of 40. Not normal at all. I think I wore my loden coat once this year. My birthday is coming up and for it I want snow!! 30 inches of it.

  2. Dianne Neale Says:

    I think we have the same weather. It was -14 here last night. That’s OK, but the wind this afternoon when we walked the dogs, nearly took your skin off! No snow yet thoug.

  3. Kathy E. Says:

    BRRRR! It is a very muggy 75 degrees here in Louisiana today. That means a big chance of severe storms. But I will take that over the extreme cold any day! Teenagers… they do eventually figure out that parents are smarter and not such bad company, but it takes a while… like 10 more years!

  4. Stephanie Says:

    It’s not mothers. Definitely hormones. I hadn’t thought of having candles out. That’s a nice idea. Mega cold here too and another week of it on the way. We were meant to go to the JPO at the Uni in Grenoble tomorrow but will have to postpone. The weather was looking rather dodgy down there and I didn’t fancy getting marooned in a snow drift with Caits all weekend! We’ll go down during half term instead.
    Stay warm!