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My Sunday

Sunday, February 12th, 2012

It’s very quiet around here today. Just me and a pyjama-clad daughter – and she’s been locked in her room being semi-sick (a sore throat, which according to her makes it OK to spend the day in pyjamas, but which is not sore enough to stop her being on the phone  for hours and hours to her boyfriend, who is similarly sick in St. Moritz) all day. I should add at this point, that I’m a assessed as being really mean because I don’t allow people who are sick to lie around and watch tv all day. This is partly out of principle, partly not to encourage slackers and partly out of self preservation as I couldn’t bear the continual noise of very bad American teenage sitcoms all day.

Later on I’m going for a stroll around the village with my camera. The temperature has already risen today from minus 22 to a positively balmy minus 4 and the sun is shining. One of my goals is to walk all the way up to the military hospital and return my crutches – crutches which I never got the hang of and gave up using on day 2 as I was endangering myself and other people with them. I think I was born with some form of co-ordination lacking – I can’t do with anything added onto my limbs, never could. You don’t want to see me playing golf, or tennis…or using crutches either, for that matter.

Otherwise I’ve been knitting, doing some very gentle yoga and  finished reading East of Eden by John Steinbeck. What an excellent book – it’s been on my waiting to be read pile for a very long time. Now I really must try to get hold of the film. I’m trying to work out which role James Dean played.

The troops will be home from the mountain fairly soon – apparently the skiing is better than perfect….grrr….but it’s good they are having a great time. My time will come again once this wretched knee is healed!



2 Responses to “My Sunday”

  1. diane stanley Says:

    Your day sounds wonderfully relaxing.

  2. DIanne Neale Says:

    Shame I don’t live a bit closer, I could’ve kept you company. MMmmm, or maybe out skiing with the others!