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A Grey Day

Sunday, February 26th, 2012

After our lovely and much appreciated tiny breath of spring, we’ve gone back to grey and dismal and rain has set in. Actually this is a good thing. If it was a few degrees colder it would be snowing (please Lord, not more…!) and rain is the quickest way to get the snow we have melting fast.

Small corners of the garden are peeping through again – and looking in need of a good clear up too, but there are even some tiny buds of tulips, hyacinths and daffodils peeping through. It won’t be long now!

The dreariness means that even with a flash I can’t get a single publishable photo  – so I’m sorry it’s all words today. Maybe tomorrow will be brighter.

(DH is in Singapore on business and just called to tell me that it’s 30 degrees and he’s been sightseeing. Did I need to know that? 30 degrees – I think I’ve forgotten what that feels like!)

You’ll be pleased to know that my head is still in one piece and there was no reaction to the cleaned up teenager’s bedroom. I’m taking that as a very positive reaction. Effusive thanks would be too much to ask for I think. We don’t seem to be in a phase of life where that happens, other than when friends are here, when a significant transformation on the pleasantness front takes place.  When does this phase pass? Can anyone tell me when I can start seeing the light at the end of the tunnel??

Enough burbling on. Today has been deemed a cinema day – which seems fair as it’s the last day of the school holidays. No 1, No 3 and I are going to see George in Descendants. I don’t care if it’s a rubbish film (which it shouldn’t be – it has an Oscar nomination). I could watch that man all day! No 2 has plans of her own. Then it will be home for a roast chicken dinner to set everyone up for the week ahead.

My quilt is ready to baste – tomorrow when everyone is out of the house and I can take over the living room floor – and the next pair of socks is on the needles. My knee is showing signs of healing and I’ve just heard that a new series of Foyle’s War has been commissioned by the BBC.

Life is good. In a quiet sort of way.


5 Responses to “A Grey Day”

  1. Stephanie Says:

    Teenagers are funny things and rarely grateful to parents. There’s some scientific explanation I believe – something to do with major brain rewiring going on during adolescence that makes all teens extremely self-centred and devoid of empathy towards others for a time. But they all seem to turn out all right in the end! Benj at 20 is a smashing young man now, and Caiti, nearly 18, is mellowing and not half as difficult as she once was. Only one left to get through the process, and since he’s only 10 we might get a few years’ break first!

  2. MelD Says:

    Ah, teens… They vary, but 20-25 would be my estimate, depending on type! Not helpful, eh.
    BUT good news about Foyle’s War – still need to see the whole lot but have to have some delayed gratification at times 😉
    At this end, dh has taken it into his head to make fish pie, inspired by the Marco Pierre White Knorr ads…?! It’s fortification to then attack the tax declaration 🙁

  3. Katy Says:

    Bummer about the weather, it’s the same here. Can’t help on the teenage front, apparently I wasn’t too stroppy, and I’m all out of ones to torture me yet! As for Foyles War, love it, but it was originally on ITV, has it changed allegiance?

  4. diane stanley Says:

    I really enjoyed the Descendants, and George!
    It sounds like things are getting back to normal for you after your knee injury.

  5. Flying Blind Says:

    Oh we have the sun, sorry.
    Hope George was as lovely as ever x