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Wednesday, April 25th, 2012

And the winner is….

(here there should be a nice picture of the random number generator thingy, but it doesn’t want to play ball, so please use your imagination!)

And as you can see (er hum) number 11 wins….

So Mary Kay from Out and About in Paris, I’ll be emailing you and Lina Button will be winging her way to Paris to brighten your day!

Thanks so much to all of you who stopped by and commented – I had a lot of fun reading all your comments and also getting to see a lot of new blogs in the Expat Blog Hop.

Have a nice Wednesday,

Helen…who is now going back into battle with the pin wheels!

3 Responses to “Result!”

  1. CarlaHR Says:

    Hi Helen, I showed your blog about living in Switzerland to my husband – we both love Switzerland (we consider ourselves honorary citizens for all the timewe have spent there over the years and that fact that we were given a “Familien Buch” when we were married in Grindelwald). He thought you might enjoy a book entitled “The Swiss Without Halos” by J. Christopher Herold – while it was written in 1948 I am sure that a good deal of what is said therein it is still applicable to today’s Switzerland – I note that it is still available on Amazon (I am planning on re-reading it).
    Enjoy your pinwheels.

  2. Dianne Neale Says:

    Atta girl!

  3. Annabella Says:

    Result of what?? What did I miss?? Sounds like a fab giveaway to me! Congrats to the winner.