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Saturday, April 28th, 2012

One of the great things about having children who are no longer little and helpless is that they are actually happiest when their parents are neglecting them. Husband and I ran away at lunchtime today and took ourselves off to a restaurant by the lake of Zürich to eat Fischknusperli (battered fish pieces) and bask in the sunshine (sorry you Brits out there, it’s 27 degrees here today), watching the boats come and go.

It looks like winter is finally gone and I can go on the annual flipflop and swimming cossie hunt….bliss 🙂

After a whiz round Migros together I came home and got to work and finished my Stitch Tease block without any dramas at all. I’m pretty happy with the result and I hope Di will be too! Sorry I can’t show you the finished pictures – it’s a mystery bee, so recipients have to be kept in the dark….well, OK then…I’ll just give you a couple of tiny peeks…..



In a year or so I should be able to show you the finished product!

The other good news is that I managed to run about 5km yesterday without any ill effects – I hope this means I’m all healed up!!! Now I have to be really careful not to overdo things. With weather like this it’s so tempting….

Anyway on that happy note I’m off to get the hoover and get my sewing/office/cupboard cleaned up. It looks like there’s been a nuclear attack.

Have a nice Saturday,









7 Responses to “Lakeside”

  1. Annabella Says:

    It looks gorgeous Helen but don`t speak too soon, I thought the bad weather had gone here but it`s cool and raining today and the flip flops are back in the cupboard!

  2. Katy Says:

    Sounds like a fab day, especially the lake trip. We had sun here all day, but I’m sure it will rain tomorrow now lol

  3. Flying Blind Says:

    Lucky Day/Di!

  4. Stephanie Says:

    My kids are happiest if we leave them alone too! I have guilty pangs about not spending more time with Ruadhri sometimes, but frankly that would make him miserable! OK, slight exaggeration but he has his own plans and projects for each day and likes nothing better than to be left to happily get on with them without parental interference – unless it involves the possibility of bodily harm to himself or trying to train the animals to do things nature never intended them to be able to do!

  5. diane stanley Says:

    Your strip for Di looks wonderful and I will look forward to seeing the finished block in an email…and your weather, well, don’t get me started. The lake looks lovely and the air so fresh!

  6. Fleur Cotton Says:

    Glad you got out for your 5k and it went well.

    Onwards and upwards!

    Fleur xx

  7. Dianne Neale Says:

    Ooh this is so cheeky! teh colours look lovely – I know they’ll be just perfect.