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The naked lady and other such excitement

Thursday, May 31st, 2012

I will probably live to regret the title of this post – so if anybody unsavoury comes to visit I am telling you now, this is not the sort of site you think it is and you might well want to be on your way. Any smarmy, smutty or other unsuitable remarks will invoke the wrath of a middle aged lady. You don’t want to go there, you really don’t.


Tomorrow is the day.

London and FQ Retreat here I come. I’ll be on the 9.30 plane out of Zürich heading for Heathrow.

My suitcase is almost packed. Unfortunately it is pretty much full and there are no clothes in it at all yet. Hence the naked lady.

I’m having great trouble deciding what to wear this weekend. Do I want to go for the serious don’t mess with me quilter look or the young, fun, creative and frivolous look? I seem to be a tad older than most of those attending, so frumpy is a definite no-no. Can I make my self look interesting and like the sort of person everyone wants to sit next to? As I’ve never met anyone who is going before I could really go for a whole new change of image. I could even be the cool lady in the corner looking mysterious! OK, that’s maybe stretching it a bit, but who knows….

Right now though I’ve got clean knickers and a nightie packed and that’s about it….

I’ve put all my class supplies in little bags although I’m missing one or two possibly critical items. Not one of my children trusts me enough to lend me a glue stick. Can you believe it? My son wavered a little and then told me that no, he’d rather not, he thought I’d probably be doing a LOT of gluing and then he’d get nothing back. I told him it wasn’t Blue Peter and I’d probably only need a touch or two now and then. He then suggested that I should borrow from a friend! Kids, you’ve got to love them haven’t you?!!

I’m not sure I’ve got all the right supplies and I’m sure I’ve signed up for the wrong classes as I thought I was bringing a sewing machine and then found out that mine was too heavy to take as hand luggage, so I shall be doing a wonky log cabin class without a machine among other things. Oh well, I’m used to going with the flow and I’m sure I’ll enjoy myself even if it doesn’t turn out to be a very productive weekend.

It’s all about the taking part isn’t it? Or is that the Olympics?

See you next week….or at the weekend those of you who are going to FQ…

I’ll have ideas fairly sprudeling out of me by then I’m sure (Can you say that in English? I think I may be anglicising German in all the excitement!)

Hope your weekend is as good as mine is going to be!



12 Responses to “The naked lady and other such excitement”

  1. Fleur Cotton Says:

    Well Helen, don’t pack your bikini!! The lovely summer sun & temperatures have disappeared and because it’s a bank holiday weekend ….we are expecting rain!! Better pack an umbrella & raincoat!

    Fleur xx

  2. Vreni Says:

    Don’t worry about the clothes! I’m sure whatever you choose will be fine. Have a great time and enjoy yourself and let it sprudel!! I can’t wait to hear all about it next week.

  3. Pure Klass Says:

    I’ve never heard sprudel used in English, but I LOVE it. Have tons of fun!

  4. diane stanley Says:

    have a grand time

  5. Elisabeth Says:

    I’ll lend you my glue stick!
    Safe flight.

  6. Lush Says:

    Ha ha haahaha at least you will have underwear!! Glad to hear I am not the only one having a fashion crisis. Best you bring something warm though as the predicted temp is only around 18 on Saturday & 13 on Sunday. I will have to bring out the sweaters again.
    Don’t worry I am sure I am older than everyone.
    I may not be bringing my machine either – it is still not stitching correctly :/
    I am just trying to remember to breath & enjoy the company. If I get anything sewn it is a bonus.
    Looking forward to the weekend. See you soon.
    Lush x

  7. Linds Says:

    You will have a ball. I am off to London tomorrow too to see Missy and her mum and Dad for the weekend. Jubilee weekend will be a wonderful time to be in London! Have fun!

  8. Flying Blind Says:

    Honestly I will be so worried about what I am wearing, won’t notice anyone else’s clothes til I look at the photos next week!

  9. Katy Says:

    ROFL, well as least you have clean knickers! And I just love that your kids wouldn’t even lend you a glue stick. Hang on a minute, didn’t you pay for those glue sticks they have? So aren’t they yours anyway? Just mug them on your way out the door 😉 See ya the morra!

  10. Lisa Says:

    I think we will all be sprudeling! I have packed the basic fabric I need for my classes and it weighs a ton! I now need to work out how much I can stuff in a suitcase and drag along the Tube without putting my back out. My poor clothes are going to be an afterthought…

    Gute Reise and see you Saturday! Lisa x

  11. Nicole Says:

    Have a safe trip and a fabulous time!

  12. Di Says:

    Well you looked sassy all weekend! Not naked at all. Sorry that I only saw you at a distance and didn’t get to say ‘hi’. We were at opposite ends of the table at dinner Saturday night. Di x