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New things….

Wednesday, August 22nd, 2012

The temperature has dropped a little and there’s just the hint of a breeze, which makes my sewing room hot but just about habitable, at least early this morning.

I have a stack of WIP boxes full of things that I should be getting on with, but feeling rash I decided to make a start on some quick projects that I’ve wanted to get started for ages.

First up was a rag rug….I got the frame strung, hauled some suitable scraps from the scrap basket, cut some 2″ strips with my lovely new zigzag rotary cutter blade (thanks to the lovely Di, who sent it last time I was making a rug) and got myself started.

Then I cut out the main pieces for a toweling bathrobe using two old and unusably ginormous bath towels that had been sitting on the sewing room floor (in the way) since forever. I’m planning on trimming and interfacing this with Liberty odds and ends…I’m a woman with a plan!

Finally I cut out the pieces for a new dress… Peony by Colette patterns. I know the fabric is by a well-known designer, but can’t for the life of me remember who! Maybe one of you can help!

Things are moving round here and there’s a huge mess in the sewing room, but it’s great to be back doing things again!

I’ll keep you posted with how I get on!


8 Responses to “New things….”

  1. Nancy Says:

    I’ve made several twined rugs like yours. I enjoy the process and the end result. I use denim stripes from old jeans for the warp and old sheets/clothing for the weave. Such a fun way to recycle.

    I’m curious, what is the purpose of the fabric strip on each side of the nails?

  2. Lush Says:

    So I really think it’s time we had some blow by blow how to pictures for making the rugs. They are just gorgeous & when I get my stash from Oz I am going to really need some quick projects to divest myself of loads of old 80’s & 90’s fabric.
    And yeah, what Nancy said. LOL

  3. Linds Says:

    I need instructions too, please. Heaven knows my stash, even after tossing out so much, still resembles a mountain! I have the wood. I just need to know what to do with it.
    There is mention here of September being hot. I am now back in cotton jumpers, after all of 5 days of no sleeves. This does not constitute summer. I need a few more days. Thanks for the pollen remedy. I have to say that I only usually notice the disaster AFTER slinging the tops in the machine, but it is now a definite must and the sticky tape is now sitting on top of my gardening gloves to remind me.

  4. Stephanie Says:

    Have fun with those lovely projects. I must get on with some sewing but I’m putting it off because I’ll have to fight the tensiona again, groan. I don’t like my Singer at all 🙁

  5. Susan Says:

    Busy woman! Liking the bathrobe idea in particular. Can’t wait to see it progress.

  6. Katy Says:

    Phew, glad you’ve been able to sew again! It finally cooled here too, with lashings of rain, oh well!

  7. Gertie Pye Says:

    Now I really want to see how the towelling bathrobe with the Liberty trim turns out! And the dress looks like it will be very pretty too. Hope the rag rug is as therapeutic (and beautiful!) as the last one.

  8. diane stanley Says:

    I forgot about that rotary cutter blade. Can’t wait to see the rug.