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Never ending knitting

Thursday, November 15th, 2012

I’ve been knitting….and knitting….and then some…

For months.

And no matter how hard I try, I don’t seem to be getting to the end.

I’m making one of those projects that will keep going forever and ever and never be finished.

And I really want it to be finished because I want to wear it.

This is my version of Color Affection by Veera Välimäki (who has to be one of the very best designers around, in my humble opinion) You can see what it should look like here. Pretty scrummy eh? I have no idea how long my version is. It’s just a big scrunched up jumble on a round needle that goes on and on….I think I must be up around 500 stitches a row. It goes on forever and ever into infinity. I have to sit down for what feels like half an hour just to get one row knitted.

I’m coming very slowly towards the end of the short row section, where the rows come over at an angle to join the regular knitting. It’s seriously cool. I love the design and I really, really love the Rowan Cashsoft yarn I’m using. I love the soft smoochyness of it. I love the colors. I have tons of things that it will look wonderful with.

I just wish that I could be done with it. I’m dreaming about how it feels to cast off a billion stitches at the end of a project that has taken over my life….

Oh and as a little interlude I did manage to finish these blocks for Lush in the Sew Euro-bee-an bee….they were done in the twinkling of an eye. (Sorry about the dark photo – I’ve been living in a bank of fog for the last few days. there is seriously no light here at all…it feels like we’re living in a glass of milk)

Unlike something else I’m not going to mention…again…till it’s done…


14 Responses to “Never ending knitting”

  1. Elisabeth Says:

    I love Colour Affection and have been thinking about getting the pattern but I feel that if I do my Spring Carnival will never be finished. Maybe next year.

  2. Vreni Says:

    I had to smile when reading about your never ending knitting. When my husband’s grandmother was very old and suffering form dementia, she still knitted socks, or what she thought were socks. So every night, when she was in bed, someone would undo what she had been knitting that day. And she never suspected a thing and was very happy sitting and knitting on her never ending project. I wonder, if someone is playing the same trick on you ;).

  3. Katy Says:

    Ha, my mum has those kinds of knitting projects too! I swear it took her a year to do a cardigan for herself…

  4. MelD Says:

    I’m sure it will be worth it in the end! I do find that having to cast off a million stitches makes me less fond of the finished product for a while, though… ;o
    Hm, is it a good idea that my project started with 118 stitches and goes on – and on – and on – until there will be around 500 stitches in a row and then goes on some more??…

  5. Kathy E. Says:

    I LOVE your Color Affection shawl! I am SOOO tempted to jump on that project, but I just finished a Reader’s Wrap, and I know exactly what you mean about the never-ending shawl. I still need to sew the pockets down but that will be done on Saturday and then the gift shawl will be DONE! Even never-ending knitting is comforting for the soul. Today I will carry sock knitting with me while I sit at the hospital all day with a loved one. Comfort for difficult days… that is what knitting is!

  6. Annabella Says:

    I think Lush’s blocks have to be the quickest ever, and I still so admire your knitting skills. Now go on – clickety click!

  7. Flying Blind Says:

    I don’t know whether I should be trying to learn to knit, or avoiding another ‘hobby’ like the plague – you are not helping!!!

  8. Leanne Says:

    I have loked at that shawl, it is well worth the effort. You need a few movie at home nights.

  9. Kathryn Says:

    That Colour Affection is going to be gorgeous. Keep knitting!

  10. Dianne Neale Says:

    It looks like one of those projects you can snuggle under as you work on it though. I love those!

  11. Lush Says:

    Oh I fell in love with this shawl when I saw it on Yarn Harlot dot ca especially as it is only plain stitch but I am not sure I could do the shaping thing?? I have not done a lot of knitting beyond scarves (even though I learnt around age 8) However I have improved exponentially since I taught myself continental style. Keep going, you WILL get there!!
    I love the blocks!! I am so looking forward to getting them all together, I think this is going to be a very interesting quilt.
    Annabella – sometimes I just love a simple pieced quilt. Besides I really could not decide what to ask for so under pressure (all my own mind you) went for quick & easy LOL
    Hadley, Haaaaddddleeeeyyyyyy, come over to the dark side!! LOL

  12. diane stanley Says:

    This is why I leave knitting to you. You do it so beautifully.

  13. Julie Says:

    You have a gift with putting colors together, Helen. This is seriously beautiful.

  14. Chloe Says:

    I got to try on a “Color Affection” in Malabrigo at a yarn shop trunk show. It is so worth it. I never wanted to take it off. Your yarn seems just as good if not better (what with the cashmere and all).