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More bear paws

Saturday, November 17th, 2012

This afternoon I pulled out the storage box containing my bear paw blocks….this little lot slipped onto the back burner a while ago, but I think I’d like to try and get them finished up in time for Christmas. I hadn’t quite remembered that I only need another 6 and then I can start sashing them all together.

Somehow six seems a very manageable number.

I love this fabric and the pattern and if I say so myself, I’m surprised that it seems to have been put to one side.

I have vague memories of dreaming about making tiny half square triangles.

Maybe that was it!


10 Responses to “More bear paws”

  1. catherine Says:

    6 is very achievable, then just think of that lovely quilt

  2. Nicole Says:

    I love that block, and I love that fabric. I think I am going to love that quilt!

  3. Leanne Says:

    6 is very reasonable, even one a day and they are done in a week. The fabrics are beautiful and the pattern really looks lovely in them.

  4. diane stanley Says:

    I think it’s nice to put a project aside and work on another every once and a while. Then you get new excitement for the former project when you pick it up. 6 is an easy number. You should have this quilt finished soon.

  5. carol Says:

    Hello Helen
    just to let you know i am thinking of you and have not forgotten you, in case you dont remember me i am Moira’s MIL. I read your blog as often as i can and am very sorry you are so upset at the moment. Please be assured things will get better and you are right to try and let go by letting children make their own mistakes. Its really a tough time and i feel for you, i will pray for you and know the lord will help you through

  6. Flying Blind Says:

    I expect to hear that you have finished them by now!

  7. Katy Says:

    Good luck with the final 6!

  8. Annabella Says:

    It’s funny how sometimes we put something away when we are so near the finish. I’m sure you have done them by now – good luck!

  9. Lush Says:

    Bear’s Paw was my favourite block when I made my very first sampler. Funnily I have never made another one. No idea why as I am not afraid of the small triangles??
    This is going to be one very lovely quilt, I still think you should keep it for yourself.

  10. Julie Says:

    I love these colors together….they seem to be what I’m drawn to these days. Very lovely, Helen!