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Mr Brown of Uxbridge and a trip to Baden

Saturday, November 24th, 2012

A ladies day out has been well overdue here – and Mel and I headed off on Thursday to Baden for a natter and a mooch around. Baden is a sweet little town only 20 minutes from Zürich with the fast train. It’s also the HQ of the worldwide Swiss/Swedish engineering concern ABB.

We first headed to the home of Mr Brown of Uxbridge. Mr Brown was an engineer who came to Switzerland in 1851 to work for the engineering company Sulzer. He was successful and had 5 children, one of whom, Charles Eugene Lancelot went on to be an engineer himself and founded Brown Bovari and Company – a very successful Swiss engineering company which in 1988 fused with a major Swedish company to create the ABB industrial concern.

The original Mr Brown built himself a very nice – but not huge – house in Baden and his children and grandchildren spent the family money on impressionist art. The result is that today you can walk round the Villa Langmatt, admiring the Victorian furnishings, with  Monets, Renoirs, Sisleys and all the rest at every turn. The only concession to security seemed to be that we had to hand in our handbags! Quite extraordinary – it would only happen in Switzerland! There are actually a few villas with amazing art collections in the area and a couple of years ago there was a very spectacular robbery in Zürich, so I suspect that things might actually start to tighten up a bit! It’s nice for now though, so we’ll enjoy it while it lasts!

Nearby Baden was worth a little look around too. This tower is really the highpoint.

But there were lots of narrow little cobbled streets with interesting shops and houses too.


8 Responses to “Mr Brown of Uxbridge and a trip to Baden”

  1. barbara woods Says:

    i love the hanging christmas lights

  2. Flying Blind Says:

    I’m guessing those are the Christmas lights dangling and are going to look beautiful xxx

  3. Stephanie Says:

    Looks like a lovely day out. That’s one crazy church roof!

  4. catherine Says:

    Fabulous photos. I spent a lot of my childhood in Germany, very similar

  5. diane stanley Says:

    looks like you had good weather and the start of some Christmas decor.

  6. Diane Neale Says:

    I love days out – we don’t do it often enough!

  7. Leanne Says:

    It is a beautiful place, so different from here.

  8. Katy Says:

    Sounds like a nice wee way to spend the family money! I’d be screwed though, I don’t carry handbags… 😉