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The lingering lurgy

Friday, December 14th, 2012

I’m still here – a bit quiet (my server was down yesterday), but as I’m still in bed fighting the nasty virus, there probably wouldn’t have been much of an edifying nature to report anyway.

The achievement of my week has been briefly feeling well enough yesterday to stagger to the butcher’s and order the turkey for Christmas. So whatever else happens or doesn’t, we will have something to eat on the 25th.

Otherwise, my Christmas preparations have somewhat gone out of the window. I’m very glad I had anyway decided to a) downsize Christmas (although maybe not this much!) and b) do a little bit every day in December. I’m not in an awful state, not yet anyway. The fact that my children have no Christmas presents may develop into a major issue if I don’t start feeling better soon though!

Of course it would help if I had ideas…. I can just about manage the girls – and they were kind enough to give me some reasonable suggestions. But my son’s idea of a Christmas list was to just write ‘an iphone 5’ and that he didn’t want anything else at all. Yeah right, like that’s really going to happen… So I’m now left with trying to buy something for a boy who only wants a flashy show off phone, but would also under protest accept an ipad mini (hahahaha!), neither of which I would buy in a million years. (I should add that the very last suggestion, by which time he was in a VERY bad mood about his stupid parents, who clearly understand nothing at all, was for money, which he would then use to buy one of said gadgets…..duh, no I don’t think we are that stupid!)

What is it with kids today? – it seems boys especially have no interests other than the passive consumption of mindless computer games. And those things really do rot their brains and deprive them of the ability to think creatively and independently. Couple that with the onset of puberty and oh dear, not a good situation…..

So what am I doing with my time other than drinking cold remedy, cancelling all sorts of lovely social events and feeling sorry for myself (my sinuses hurt like anything today, coupled with a runny nose and blinding headache, thank you for asking)….well knitting of course. There’s not a lot else I can do actually, so I’m plodding away at the Austin Hoodie. Tomorrow I may be able to show you a large quantity of shapeless purple knitting.

I can tell you’re looking forward to that!



13 Responses to “The lingering lurgy”

  1. Sherri Says:

    Well if it makes you feel better…my 17 year old son wants an iPhone as well, though he is willing to settle for a 4 or 4s!

  2. Gertie Says:

    My daughter was perfectly happy with just a sticker book and a puzzle on her list until she found out that one of her friends at school is getting an iPad (at age 6)!! She then launched a belated petition for one which was very quickly dismissed by both of us. Kids always want what the other kids have and as soon as someone in the class has something flashy, they all want it, and can’t understand why Mum & Dad are so mean / thick / ridiculous that they can’t have it too!

  3. MelD Says:

    So sorry you’re feeling so rotten – hope it soon improves. Apparently it’s going round here, too, so hoping to avoid it at all costs 😮

    Gifts for teen boys is so hard – I have resorted to sports shirts for the two I have to gift, not that exciting but they’re not sons! Fancy sports shoes? Football? Tickets for something (music or comedy)? Fancy headphones? Science experiments? Joke stuff? Humour? … aaarghhh…!!
    Good luck ;o

  4. Susan Says:

    There you have the answer to your problem. Give them all hand knit socks and be done with it!

  5. Kyrena Says:

    Why not buy him the book “mützenmacher”, 2 balls of really superbulky yarn and a crochet hook and he can make these incredible cool myboshi hats! Book is written by 2 guys who do the hats themself! That would get him away from computer games?! 😉

  6. Wendy Says:

    I feel for you Helen, I hope that you feel better soon.
    I guess one of the benefits of being a single mom to 4 girls on a not very high income was that I had no choice but to limit the gift giving side of Christmas. This year my girls suggested that we not exchange gifts but instead just enjoy being together. (my youngest is 18)
    Is it possible to suggest to your family that in the future Christmas gifts are for fun and not necessarily for big ticket items?

  7. Katy Says:

    Urgh, sorry you’re still feeling crap, it got me too 🙁 Maybe online shopping will be your gift buying friend. As for his lordship, if he’s hitting puberty a decent razor or something? Or a lump of coal? 😉

  8. Flying Blind Says:

    Oh I hope you can shift it soon xxxx

  9. Chris in South Jersey Says:

    My standard threat for males with unreasonable expectations is socks and underwear. It only took one time…

  10. Diane Neale Says:

    I thought your post was called lingerie lurgy! Presents for boys? Something radio conTrolled usually works well!

  11. Elisabeth Says:

    I feel for you, Helen. My lurgy is lingering too and I have no gifts for my sister-in-law or my husband. Divorce might be looming 😉
    I never know what to get teenage boys so my hubby has to come up with all those. We often give outings, such as Zombie runs or karting adventures.
    Ellen wants goldfish (yeah, another pet for mummy to look after!)…

  12. Susan Ramey Cleveland Says:

    So sorry you’ve got the epizootics, Helen. I have exactly two gifts purchased/made. And I’m in no kind of mood to fight traffic and crowds to buy more, and I’m probably not going to make more either. I might be the black sheep (not to mention lame duck) of my family this year. Feel better soon, my friend.

  13. Diane Says:

    All I can say is Mucinex. It is a life saver when the cough and cold strike our house.