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Slow and steady

Tuesday, June 29th, 2010


It’s hot today. Summer finally arrived. My big race is a month away now, so Andrea and I headed out early for a long training run. We kept to the woods – the Erlenbachertobel down to the Lake of Zürich, then along the lake to Küsnacht and up the Küsnachtertobel and home. A Tobel is a wooded river valley – we have a lot of them running down from the hills into the lake. They are criss-crossed with public footpaths and full of quaint and I’m guessing pretty old bridges and waterfalls. In the summer they are gloriously cool – and often full of school groups on their annual excursion – grilling Bratwurst at many of the grill spots scattered along the river and paddling tired toes in the rocky shallows.

We took it pretty slow and made it home after a little more than two hours. Feeling great. I think we’re both almost ready for the big one and it feels good.

I was tired when I got home so I’ve been following my mantra from yesterday and just slowly and steadily working through what needs to be done. Strictly no multitasking today. You know it really is so much calmer like this and I’m actually getting one job done after the other. It feels like I’m progressing without running myself ragged.

I’m letting myself work on the homespun blocks a little in-between – a prize for completing household tasks. Hey, a girl has to have a little fun in her life! I still can’t for the life of me work out when or where I bought a ton of homespun fat quarters. I’m guessing they have to be a catalogue buy from many, many moons ago – maybe Keepsake Quilting ca. 1990? They probably aren’t something I would buy today, but I’m happily working my way through and using them up. I think they will make a pretty quilt when I’m done.

But no rush, I’ll get there one of these days!


One Response to “Slow and steady”

  1. Susan Ramey Cleveland Says:

    Love your blocks. I find it so hard to work with homespun or plaids. Yours are perfect.