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Caught a bit short

Sunday, December 23rd, 2012

All the doolallying that Ā I’ve been doing here in the last couple of days has been rather delightful and just what I needed.


and unfortunately there is a but…

I clearly had my eye off the ball.

The Austin Hoodie that I’m making for eldest daughter for Christmas is still two sleeves and half a hood short of being a hoodie. Even knitting non-stop for the next 36 hours I’m not sure it’s humanly possible to remedy the situation. Her bottom lip is currently all the way from here to kingdom come, but I suspect that she may be pulling my leg and not be all that bothered.

Several things landed me in this situation.

  • 1. The recent uncharacteristic descent into utter laziness.
  • 2. The fact that I made a fairly monumental error on one of the fronts and had to pull it out back to the armhole divide when the front was only a whisker away from being finished.
  • 3. The unbelievably enormous colour variation between skeins of this yarn (Madeline Tosh Merino Light in Margeaux). It is gorgeous yarn, but it’s hand dyed and I know that can give rise to quite a bit of variation….but at it’s most extreme I had one ball that looked blue and another that looked pink. I’ve spent a lot of time trying to knit with several balls at once to try to even it all out – and I’m still not really happy…
  • 4. My complete failure to make significant progress during last night’s Strictly Come Dancing fest ….in three hours of dancing I should surely have been able to knit a hood. You’d really think so, wouldn’t you? I blame utterly mesmerizing dancing and Louis Smith taking his top off. (Daughter No.2 says I’m not allowed to say this, apparently it’s really mortifying if your almost 50 year old mother thinks a 22 year old man (read: god) is hot). So I’m not saying anything of the sort, but it did disturb my knitting.

On that happy note I’m going back to my smoking needles.


7 Responses to “Caught a bit short”

  1. Diane Neale Says:

    Ha! Ha, I can’t knit and watch strictly anyway! I must be the only person who didnt see the final.
    I’m sure the hoodie will be finished in time for the first trip skiing though. Now there’s nothing to distract you!

  2. Gertie Says:

    Good luck with the knitting – I’m not surprised you couldn’t concentrate with Louis Smith doing his acrobatics! I’m sure it will knit up beautifully – best get yourself a jug of coffee if you’re going to knit for 36 hours straight!

  3. paige Says:

    You and the Yarn Harlot have a lot in common this winter–wicked bad colds/flu, and now the dreaded HOOD! Good luck finishing this up–I totally get wanting it to be finished to be opened for Christmas and not wanting to disappoint the daughter. Even though they’re perfectly aware of what they’re getting…

  4. Edith Says:

    Ha, ha, I hear you on reason number 4. šŸ™‚ It was a fabulous final. Good luck with your knitting!

  5. MelD Says:

    Oops, there’s me enthusing about MadTosh and you have such trouble with the colours – sorry to hear it :O I didn’t have any trouble with my two projects that required several skeins each šŸ™ Still, I hope you enjoyed the actual wool as much as I did! I’m sure you’ll be finished within an acceptable timeframe…
    Feeling virtuous for getting all my knitting plus some done this month, fortunately before migraine hit, ugh. Still, good to be in the same country as you again šŸ˜‰

  6. Leanne Says:

    Oh, I am sure she will be happy to have it finished over the next few days, it is looking beautiful!

  7. Katy Says:

    Oh bugger, oh well, I’m sure she won’t freeze while she waits, and hey, hot men trump knitting every time šŸ˜‰