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Tuesday, January 8th, 2013

This year for Christmas pretty much everyone gave me gorgeous toiletries…..I’m a girl who loves to bathe, so they certainly hit the mark….

The bath goodies all came in the most fabulous boxes. Really sturdy, fabulous, too good to ever throw away boxes.

Any ideas for what I can use them for/ turn them into?

There may be a prize for the best suggestion!


13 Responses to “Boxes!”

  1. Julie Says:

    You could use one near the tub, with rolled wash cloths standing up in it, and pretty soaps and lotions, you could use one for a stationery drawer placed where needed most, with some paper, pencil and pen, envelopes and stamps, in it, you could stack some pretty books on and under one and use it for decor on a table somewhere, you could put cherished notes and cards from friends and family members in one and use it like a little treasure chest that you add to year after year, you could make it your spiritual box and keep it near the chair you love most, with a New Testament, pencil, small gratitude journal, devotional book, printed prayers, etc., and of course you could reuse them when you give to others, by putting something hand knit in it, or baked goods, or whatever. You’re right – they are so pretty!

  2. Katy Says:

    Well as long as they weren’t trying to tell you you smelled šŸ˜‰

    I would do a fabric covering and divide the insides to hold things like notions or findings

  3. Susan Says:

    One could hold perle threads obviously! I suppose they would be very useful in all sorts of ways – as gift boxes, to hold charms and small fabric collections you don’t wish to see mixed in with the general stash, pretty boxes for epp projects at home, contain the overflowing hair baubles at home (or is that just my girls’ bathroom), seed packets, spices you don’t use on a daily basis, filled with homemade baked goodies and given to a friend or neighbour in need of a little kindness. I could go on.

  4. CarlaHR Says:

    I”m a sucker for such boxes and use them to hold specialty fabrics – I have one for Batiks, for Japanese prints, for Christmas patterns, etc. Others contain greeting cards I can’t bear to throw away and new ones that I buy just because I like them. The boxes line the top of the bookshelves in my sewing/guest room.

  5. Catherine @ Knotted Cotton Says:

    I would paint with leftover white emulsion paint so the prints don’t show through, then cover with a favourite fabric and use for storing treasures, paper ephemera and souvenirs – or as gift boxes next Christmas:-)

  6. Sarah Says:

    I think the boxes are gorgeous and would keep them as is. I think thread storage, I mean embroidery thread like DMC, perle etc. a scrap container next to your sewing machine. I keep pretty boxes and when I have a gift to give that is really small or an odd shape I put it in the box and then wrap it.

  7. Vreni Says:

    I have pretty much the same stack of boxes from this Christmas as well and I too can’t throw them out. I’ve used some for my Christmas ornaments. The rest I’m keeping as I’m sure they’ll come handy one day.

  8. MelD Says:

    Drool!! What gorgeous boxes (and I bet the contents were to die for, too ;o)!

    People do have some good ideas, I must say… I would probably use them as project boxes for WIPs or notions, jewellery/hair things, to make office stuff less dreary, for candles, recipes or seasonal decorations or generally to pretty up the home: there is usually some room in my house that could take one of those colourways!

  9. paige Says:

    if you’re not going to use them to store things (which sometimes hides them), i have two suggestions:
    1. cut them (egads!) into smaller pieces, buy a bunch of cheap acrylic or simple frames (again of various sizes), and mount them on a wall in a bathroom or anywhere else that may want some cheer.
    2. use the tops as mattes for framing photos. granted the boxes probably aren’t ‘archival, acid free,’ but for interchangeable snap shots, school photos, etc. it might look nice.

  10. Diane Neale Says:

    Pretty, pretty. If they were mine, they’d probably sit in a cupboard not being used! You don’t want to spoil them! I like Paige’s idea of putting them into frames.

  11. Flying Blind Says:

    Thread, buttons, ribbons, zips I could fill them in about 3 seconds flat! xxx

  12. Steph Says:

    I have loads of boxes too. I’m a bit of a hoarder but I know for a fact they’ll come in useful one day …

  13. Shelley Says:

    Helen those boxes are beautiful! I like to use sturdy boxes for organizing my sewing things like elastic, zippers, ribbons, etc. Those are so pretty you don’t even need to cover them. I’ve also covered a sturdy box with good wrapping paper or fabric and made it into a reusable gift box. I have one we’ve been reusing for 5 or 6 years now. Enjoy, and Happy New Year!