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Quilt Shop Quest

Thursday, January 17th, 2013


Last week my friend Charla and I set off on a quest to visit a couple of quilt shops within an hour’s drive of where we live. Quilt shops are pretty few and far between here, but we’d heard about these two for a while and decided to have a self-indulgent afternoon. Well you have to sometimes, don’t you!

I’d actually only visited fabric shops round here in Zürich and in Uster, a small town 20 minutes drive away. In Zürich in particular, most of the fabric shops have closed in the 20+ years I’ve lived here. There is one quilting shop though, where the owner and staff are delightful, but it’s tiny and so the choice of fabric is always going to be limited. The rental prices in Zürich itself are so astronomical that it’s impossible to pay for as much space as you would really like in a fabric shop – a great shame, but what can you do?

So Charla and I headed out of town and north towards the German border to see what was available in the countryside.


The first stop was at Patchideal in Diessenhofen – a shop upstairs in a new complex over a supermarket, that I would never have found if Charla hadn’t known the way. They had the biggest selection of fabric I’ve seen here – quite a lot of which was ON SALE ! – and the staff were really friendly. It was a good hour’s drive and I wish the shop was nearer as it’s a friendly place and the selection was good. They even do courses – and there were some lovely bags on display, so I might well head out that way again!

The second place we stopped by was on the way home – probably only 25 minutes away  – and is relatively new. The Quilt Place in Nürensdorf just blew us away. It’s situated in a small, pretty apartment block in the middle of a beautiful old village – charm everywhere you looked! (At this point I took photos with my phone which were too bad to post – next time I go I’ll show you just how pretty it was!).

The stairway to the shop was lined with beautiful old quilts and when we walked in the door we had to take a moment to catch our breath… know how it is when you see the most beautiful shop you’ve ever been in? The sort of light, airy, spacious and downright drop dead gorgeous shop where you might just stay for ever and never go home? The sort of shop where I would even take a class on sewing tight curves (not that they offer one), just for the sheer pleasure of sitting in the room all day…..oh my goodness. We were speechless…we were in awe….FAB-U-LOUS….that’s all I can say. As well as ‘how come it took me so long to get there?’ And I don’t have one darned photo to show you – so you’d better just check it out here, but the photos don’t do credit to how nice it really is.

One of the things that I really, really liked was that the Quilt Place is not just full of American fabrics. Now you know I online shop from the US with the best of you, and I’m certainly in no way criticizing American quilt fabrics – it’s just it was so refreshing to see gorgeous French and German fabrics that I’d never come across before. The style is different, softer and more muted, and I loved it!


I bought these little beauties….German…from Westfalenstoffe.….mmmm…yum….looking forward to working with them, when I have an idea of what to make with them!

It’s a good job I’m going back to work…otherwise I think I’d be trundling off to Nürensdorf every other week! Sometimes it’s amazing what you come across in a small out of the way Swiss village!


15 Responses to “Quilt Shop Quest”

  1. Diane Neale Says:

    A new shop. How exciting! And an hour is not far when you have a friend to chat to.

  2. Tanya Says:

    ooooooo look at those shelves and shelves of fabric! Better than a sweet shop! x

  3. paige Says:

    i’m always fascinated with the color palettes from other countries. My mother-in-law was always bringing me fabric from Japan–it was so delightful to get such new (to me) color ranges! Those German fabrics are just lovely.

  4. Flying Blind Says:

    What a find!

  5. grapes and hearts Says:

    Did I hear you praise a product made by your aweful neighbors?! LOL
    I love those Westfalenstoffe Fabrics but I think they are quite expensive ;o( I think the company is not to far from here. Maybe one day I’ll figure out if they sell ex-facory to private customers…
    Looking forward to seeing what you’ll make with those beauties!

  6. Susan Says:

    Yay to having a good quilt shop close by. Enjoy!! Online is necessary but in person is much more fun while fabric shopping.

  7. Katy Says:

    Lol, enjoy your new local wonderland! Laura and I nearly fell over when we walked into a quilt shop in Vegas – although we’d been in some other shops, they’d always tended towards the traditional, but this was amazing! I do love French fabrics though, looking forward to getting back to the markets this summer…

  8. Lush Says:

    Oh I can’t get the link to work 🙁 but the ones you have shown are lovely!
    See being an Ozzie, an hour trip is a short hop and just an excuse for a cup of coffee somewhere else LOL.
    Can’t wait to see what you make of them, something gorgeous I am sure.

  9. Lush Says:

    OK, just landed on their website, be still my beating heart!!! I could do some serious damage to the financials on this stuff. Do they sell to the general public?? LOL

  10. Lush Says:

    OH god!!! I want one of EVERY fabric pack!!!
    Right, stepping away from the computer now.

  11. Vreni Says:

    The fabrics you’ve chosen are so YOU ;). And yes, I too love the Westfallenstoffe, I’m in the middle of making a quilt with them.

  12. diane stanley Says:

    It’s always fun to visit new quilt shops.Nice little stash you came home with too

  13. Elisabeth Says:

    So nice to find new shops with lots of lovely fabrics. Love the fabrics you came home with, they’re my kind of colours 😉

  14. Annabella Says:

    I love the rich oranges and yellows in the first photo and that second quilt shop is beautiful. I know what you mean about fabrics and I love those little additions to your stash!

  15. Sarah Says:

    Hahaha, I went and checked out the shop and of course the website is in German, possibly Swiss German? Anyway, I surprised myself I could understand a lot of it! We learned German in middle school. It’s a common language to learn in South Australia because we had a large German Lutheran population settle here in the 1840s to escape persecution in Germany. So, I know what days and times the shop is open! Very useful. Dumbly, I didn’t even know that countries other than USA and Japan manufactured quilting material. We don’t get those imports over here. The colours are lovely.