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All caught up!

Saturday, January 26th, 2013

So here we are….Saturday evening and I’m caught up with the two Stitch Tease bee blocks I needed to get done. They took a little longer than I had expected, but when it’s minus 6 outside and cosy and warm inside and the house is quiet and there’s a cup of tea next to me and nice things on the radio, a few extra minutes sewing is really rather delightful. Sorry I can’t show you the results….but I will show you all the finished quilts in the spring when I’m allowed to!

Until then….here’s a couple of sneaky peeks…



I’m making these blocks out of my stash. Well OK, right now I’m supposed to be making absolutely everything out of my stash. And after today I’m feeling even less tempted to do any fabric shopping because I had one of those ‘OMG how on earth am I ever going to use up this lot ?’ moments. Whichever way I look at it I have got way, way too much fabric. I’m going to need to live till I’m 300 to use this lot up. I’m telling you, it’s bad, really, really bad!


I know it’s stupid – I mean how could I expect to see a difference after making two, albeit large, blocks? But somehow I had it in my mind that I could make significant inroads into the laundry basket full of all the smaller scraps. DREAM ON SISTA. If anything all that rootling around stirred things up and made it look like I have even more….


Somehow I have to do something to use up really major amounts of scraps. Really, really lots…and fast!

Does anyone else periodically have state of the stash crises? What do you do?

I need some help here!


13 Responses to “All caught up!”

  1. Annabella Says:

    My stash isn’t big enough to have a crisis! Well done for catching up 🙂

  2. Elisabeth Says:

    My stash isn’t huge but at the moment I have put myself on a fabric buying ban as I’m saving up to buy an overlocker. Every time I get a newsletter from a fabric shop I delete it without looking at it; it’s the only way I can keep myself from ordering any more 🙂
    (I didn’t do it with the Oakshott newsletter and I can feel myself weakening. Help!)

  3. Katy Says:

    Mine’s not big enough for a crisis either, sorry! My scraps all fit into a rainbow of mid sized ziplock bags too… Yay for catching up though!

  4. Catherine Says:

    That is a lot of scraps, but think of all the lovely things you can make!

  5. Flying Blind Says:

    When I start worrying, I come back here, and then don’t feel so bad!

  6. Gertie Says:

    Wow – when you start measuring your scraps in terms of laundry baskets, I think you do need a scrappy stashbuster! How about a superscrappy 2.5″ squares quilt? Or wonky log cabin crumb blocks trimmed down to Charm square size – I think Jane Weston at Sew Create it does these periodically and then ends up with a nice pile of crumb blocks to sew together.

    Love the look of your secret blocks – one looks particularly buzzin’!

  7. patsy Says:

    How about selling your scraps? With all of the scrappy quilts being made, it will provide other quilters an opportunity to add variety to their quilts. You can bag them up and I bet others will be interested in purchasing them.

  8. Di Says:

    Make the scrappy trip along quilt. It used up a bit of my stash. 252-2.5″x 16″ strips.

  9. Anna Ryan Says:

    I have massive scraps stash, I need to start using it up. I signed up to pay it forward and I plan to make scrap quilts for the people on my list, so can practice machine quilting and use up my scraps pile at the same time.

  10. Susan Says:

    I’m with Annabella in my stash not being big enough for crisis yet. But I am loving the bright colourful sneaky peek of my block. Thank you!!!

  11. Dianne Says:

    OMG a laundry basket. Girl, you have serious problems. I go with selling it!You could use the money to buy some more fabric!

  12. Sarah Says:

    Hi Helen, I get the guilts big time when i clean up my sewing room and find all the fabric, scraps, unfinished boms and quilt tops unquilted. The guilts for spending money on them and knowing I won’t ever get to use it all. I distract myself to get over it, usually by going window shopping online!

  13. Danny Says:

    I caught up on all my Stitch Tease blocks too! So nice to not have them lingering over head anymore. I was so worried I wasn’t going to finish them in time!