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Slow going

Monday, May 20th, 2013

I finally forced myself to sit down and get on with some sewing this afternoon.

The result was one more Fireworks block.


It was a bit of a slog if I’m honest. I love the effect of these blocks and I know I’m going to absolutely adore the finished quilt because the Rouenneries Deux reds and browns and beiges are just a heavenly combination. But making it all happen is tough. The blocks are big and made of a lot of pieces – 73 each if I calculated correctly. That means a huge amount of cutting out before I can start each block – about 2.5 fat quarters a time – mostly cut into pretty small squares and rectangles. (And between you and me…but don’t tell anyone else…that’s a bit boring..if I’m being really honest).

Also sewing the blocks one at a time just makes the fabric feel a bit same old same old. I’m just not feeling the love…it’s more a case of feeling the self-discipline. I absolutely know that I will love it all once its done…but right now….nah….

Maybe it’s just a bit of missing mojo, not helped along by a lot of teenage issues….but today I’m feeling a lot more satisfaction from hot baths and plain vanilla knitting. And the garden, mustn’t forget that. When the rain stops, being in the garden is an absolute joy. I guess that’s where I should be focussing my attention.

Maybe my Fireworks blocks are trying to tell me something.


10 Responses to “Slow going”

  1. Annabella Says:

    Do what you need to do Helen – put it to one side and do your lovely knitting and enjoy your baths. I’m sure when you eventually pick it up again, you’ll love it. With what you have going on, you don’t need to be doing stuff you don’t absolutely love.

  2. Lush Says:

    This will definitely be worth it when finished & who says it has to be done in a hurry?
    It’s OK to go slow on some projects.
    Lush x

  3. Katy Says:

    Maybe your mojo will be at the bottom of the garden… Hmm, a bath does sound good though!

  4. Gertie Says:

    73 pieces per block?!?!?!? That’s madness! But the effect is indeed very very lovely. It is always a shame when a hobby turns into a chore … but they do look like big blocks so do you need fewer of them? I have to say a hot bath sounds like a lovely alternative.

  5. Kathy E. Says:

    Set your eye on the prize… the finished quilt in your mind’s eye. Perhaps that will move you along, and remember this is a marathon quilt, not a sprint. Set a reasonable goal of 2 blocks/ month, or whatever works in your schedule. If you get more than that made it is a bonus, but don’t pressure yourself. I just finished 112 Farmer’s Wife blocks, 6″ and each one is a different pattern with some containing over 60 pieces…. madness, indeed! I wondered if I was EVER going to reach the end. Little at a time it was done, and I will soon put them together. I took 1 1/2 YEARS to piece them. I had to have other projects to work on when this one became a burden rather than fun. Sometimes it sat in “time out” for several MONTHS before I could gather the gumption to work on it more.

    Good luck, and it will be SOOOO worth it. This will be absolutely gorgeous!

  6. diane stanley Says:

    sorry your sewing isn’t giving your some pleasure, but life has a way of getting in the way with things doesn’t it? Thinking of you!

  7. Flying Blind Says:

    When I have a lot of cutting to do, I do the whole lot in one horrendously boring go (like my Marcelle Medallion), then you can get on with the sewing and it is a real pleasure. You’ll crack it somehow xxx

  8. Sarah Says:

    Honestly I’m feeling a bit the same about Swoon. You have to cut up 2 whole fat quarters to make a block, plus extra white background fabric. Lots of small pieces in one huge block, lots of cutting before any piecing. BUT it does make an effective block and quilt in the end.

  9. paige Says:

    sometimes teenage issues can suck the life out of everything. take comfort in your garden, and the quilting will return. although, i’d have a hard time eagerly greeting 73 pieces!

  10. Leanne Says:

    I can generally cut 4 or 6 layers neatly with accuracy. Can you layer 4 or so fat quarters and cut them in one go so that you have at least two blocks cut to work on together? I hate hate cutting any and all quilt bits, so every project bogs down at the beginning for me, so I totally feel your pain. However, once cut, this project looks sort of quiet and peaceful to me. But some days are better for knitting. I am with you on the teenagers, I am convinced it is how we get over them being such cute kids and let them move out.