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Ticking along…

Saturday, July 6th, 2013
  • Eldest daughter passes her Matura and graduates from high school …tick
  • Younger daughter passes the school year (by the skin of her teeth)…tick
  • Audit completed and survived without major mishap….tick
  • Husband packed off to Asia on a business trip…tick
  • Mother purchases a new phone…hahahaha…next….(but she did manage to make her first phone call in what may be years last week because I went on strike and refused to call her….does that count as progress? I think it probably does…at least it fits into the minor miracle category!)
  • House and garden back under control..mumble,mumble…but who cares anyway?

I made it! I got through June and the first week of July, albeit with a LOT of hard work and several sleepless nights. Things did finally slot into place as I had hoped they would. You never quite know though till it happens, do you? So I guess we are where we need to be. My son will repeat the school year in a different school, but maybe that is just something that needs to happen and let’s face it, worse things happen.

So now I have a weekend to get things under control a bit. The FQR Retreat isn’t far away now, so I’ve been putting my supplies together and trying to make the bee blocks that I want to be able to take with me. I’ve calculated that from the 4 bees I’m in I need to make a total of 7 blocks.

This is the first (and only so far)…


For the Stitch Tease bee for my good pal Quiltova.

One down and six to go…..

I also had a lovely treat this week. Look what arrived in the mail from Elisabeth at Shark’s Dinner


Isn’t it gorgeous? The workmanship is just fabulous…

…and look! It even has pockets inside with presents in them!


This is what I’m going to use it for…FQR supplies.


Thank you so much Elisabeth – you made my day!!

Righty ho..back to the blocks. I might even make it back here tomorrow if I manage to get anything done to show you!

Have a nice weekend – I hope the sun is shining on you!




15 Responses to “Ticking along…”

  1. ange@heartofcharnwood Says:

    Glad you’ve managed to wrestle life under a bit more control now, and can get yourself all organised for Retreat :o)

  2. CarlaHR Says:

    Glad that things worked out well (for the most part).
    Take some time out for yourself and enjoy your retreat.

  3. Diane Neale Says:

    Welcome back to the landof the living. Glad to hear that the girls have passed. Sorry about no. 1 son.
    My block looks smashing thanks Helen!

  4. Vreni Says:

    Isn’t is amazing how problems usually resolve themselves? Congratulations to your daughter on passing the Matura; that’s quite an achievement. And to the other daughter for passing another school year. And I wouldn’t worry about the “Ehrenrunde” your son is going to do. What is another year in the long run anyway and I’m sure it will give him the needed time to catch up. Glad things are working out for you. Love the first bee block and the little bag you got is gorgeous!

  5. Charla Says:

    Congrats on ticking along in June! So happy for Robin! I am in CA and just took a wonderful Sashiko class. I also found a long arm quilter who is doing my Japanese quilt top and another one. We spent 2.5 hours together designing on Juky 4 th. It was so much fun. I am going back with Brianna on the 27 th for an indigo dye party, bring your own fabric for the vats! She said she would try and have my quilts done by the time I leave. Have a great time at the retreat. Maybe, in a few more years I will have enough courage to join a Bee! Bzzzzzzzz…….

  6. Elisabeth Says:

    So glad everything is going well and June has gone well. Congratulations to your daughter for passing her Matura!
    I’m also glad you like the pouch although I was a bit stressed (ok, very stressed) when I sent it and half the goodies are still here in my house. I’ll bring them to FQR. Can’t wait to see you again.

  7. Leanne Says:

    I am so glad you have made it to the summer. Congratulations to your girls and your son will be fine in the end I expect, sometimes as change is what is needed. I am so looking forward to chatting with you at the retreat.

  8. Elaine Says:

    You have certainly earned your FQR trip Helen – those are impressive ticks 🙂 Love the block and the bag too – gorgeous! Here’s wishing you a more relaxed July, enjoy FQR and we’ll look forward to hearing all about it!

  9. Sarah Says:

    Congratulations to your daughter! Great achievement. I hope son will be fine. The Swiss education system doesn’t seem all that inclusive and supportive. Maybe if he plays up the threat is he has to go live with Grandma? I joke of course. Lovely pouch from your friend, lucky thing.

  10. Tracey Says:

    Wow – you pack a lot into a couple of weeks! I’m glad it mostly went well and hope you get a bit of a break before your retreat so you can actually enjoy it.

  11. Diane stanley Says:

    This was a wonderful post to read. 12 more days.

  12. Betty van Os Says:

    As you say: there are worse things in life. Keep that in mind.
    None of our five went through their secundary school in one go.
    They all got the coveted paper in the end though …
    Enjoy the sunshine and the blocks!

  13. Flying Blind Says:

    So glad you had a lot of successes – you deserved them xxx

  14. Julie Says:

    So many beautiful things to look at in this post, Helen. And I’m glad most of the things on your list can be checked off now. Sending hugs to you and your family…. xo

  15. Katy Says:

    Yay, see you there!