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Bad blogger

Wednesday, July 31st, 2013

I know, I know… isn’t good. I seem to have gone to being a daily blogger to being a slow blogger to an almost non-existent blogger in the space of six months. Not good. Not good at all, but I guess it’s something that we all experience from time to time. Circumstances change, life gets in the way and with little time to sew and as a result not very much produced, nothing edifying to write about. There’s only so much I want to or should say and you want to read about the trials and tribulations of parenting teenagers…

Anyway I’m here now and I’m resolved to work on the old work-life balance thing….I haven’t quite got it sussed, but more because of work circumstances than anything else, and that should all be resolved soon….(she says hopefully).

I should have written earlier because I wanted to tell you all about the Fat Quarterly Retreat…..I guess you’ve seen all the photos all over the web, so I won’t bore those of you who didn’t go with even more.

Except for this….

Katy’s fabulous Stitch Tease quilt seen in the flesh for the first time….. (along with all the stitch teasers present….Susan, Di, Di, yours truly, Katy and Hadley). This is absolutely one of the coolest quilts I’ve seen in a long time! Girls, we did good!!


and my great partners in crime – Di (Quiltova) and Di (Mrs Random).


We had a blast – it’s the people ,you know….kindred spirits and all that…and the classes were pretty cool too….

Its nice to go  a quilting event and be one of the old ladies…actually I’ll rephrase that. It’s not nice to be an old lady (which I’m not…quite…), but it’s great to be at a quilting event that is young and not full of old ladies and people who wear strange patchwork clothes.

On that happy note….more anon….



15 Responses to “Bad blogger”

  1. Lush Says:

    Good to see you had a lovely time. I am so sad I missed out but over £1000 needed to spend on the van had to come first! I am saving for next year though!!
    Lush x

  2. Linds Says:

    I am exactly the same and almost to the day as well. dire. Blogging just has not had a look in for weeks on end! But I do want to keep going, so an effort is having to be made. Hopefully I will have something creative to talk about soon. It is lovely to see you writing, though.

  3. Jan Says:

    It was lovely to meet you at the Retreat and tag along to dinner with you and the other Charlies Angels and co 😉

  4. Gertie Pye Says:

    I know where you are coming from Helen – the day I make a patchwork jacket is the day I will know I need a new hobby! I have also been a bad blogger (and bad sewist!) but hopefully I will have something stitchy to blog about soon. So lovely to catch up at FQR and glad you had a lovely time. I am carefully making notes of your “how to parent teens” hints & tips as I have realised that my eldest is now just over half way to her teens – argh!!

  5. Tanya Says:

    This quilt is fab….. you look really well and really happy in that photo at the retreat. I am glad you had a good time xx

  6. Julie Says:

    I have missed you Helen! And thought of you so often. That’s a unique and beautiful quilt you ladies are holding. 🙂 Life does happen — we’ll be here no matter how often you post. xoxo

  7. Katy Says:

    We done well good! We even got featured on the Birch Fabrics FB page!

  8. Flying Blind Says:

    You wait, FQR2025, we’ll all be in quilted waistcoats, and wondering why we didn’t wear them sooner!!!

  9. CarlaHR Says:

    Lovely to see a post from you – but let’s face it you have many more pressing things to do than to post on a regular basis. Take it one day at a time and if by some miracle you happen to have a moment to let us know what you are up to all the better.
    Glad you enjoyed your Retreat and that is a super quilt!!!

  10. Catherine Says:

    It was lovely to meet you at last. Love the stitch tease quilt

  11. Diane stanley Says:

    Perfect post. Ill probably do something short and sweet like this. Miss you my friend!

  12. Dianne Neale Says:

    That quilt is something special – as they all are of course! I love reading your thoughts and deeds – whenever you can! Thanks again for a great time at FQR

  13. Sarah Says:

    I admire those of you who work, parent, sew, and blog! I know my limitations and therefore have not started blogging, or do much sewing anymore either. But I do love to read whatever you write. It would be lovely to meet up with like minded sewing people who are more my age and don’t talk about retirement and going away in the van all the time!

  14. Leanne Says:

    It was great to see you too!

  15. Annabella Says:

    Haha – what Hadley said!