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Small steps to solve a big problem…..and a beautiful quilt….

Wednesday, September 11th, 2013

When I was at the FQR retreat a few weeks ago I came across the most beautiful quilt. It was being used as a tablecloth, which I thought was sacrilege, but we won’t go into that here. Each to their own. Enough to say that it was a real smasher of a quilt.

Needless to say I bought the book…


and here is the quilt …..


made by one of the founders of FQR, Brioni Greenberg.

Pretty drop-dead gorgeous, huh? I absolutely love this quilt.

And of course it set the old grey cells humming…..(this is where I get to the confession stage..)….you see, I have a bit of a long-standing problem. It looks like this….


Yeow. Not pretty….

And I really would like to use up some of these little itty squitty pieces of fabric before I move the the old people’s home and have to throw them all away…

So I ordered a lot of Kona charm squares. Really a LOT! And now that they have arrived I’m making a start.


I could be a while.

But it will be gorgeous when I get there.


Two down and about nine million to go.

I can recommend the book too – a little different (read: better) than your average quilt book – it has some absolutely gorgeous projects in it. Brioni is a talented lady!

Oh well, it will keep me out of mischief! (Did I say that it’s my day off and I’m supposed to be doing housework and shopping, hmmmm. It’s also my 20th wedding anniversary – so I don’t feel too bad cutting myself some slack!)

Here’s to  faffing around with fiddly bits of bondaweb!


17 Responses to “Small steps to solve a big problem…..and a beautiful quilt….”

  1. Lush Says:

    OMG!!! Your scrap bin is GORGEOUS!!! Personally, I LOVE a scrap bin. I am the mad woman at groups, events etc scavenging in the bin for others cast offs. Have just discovered that my LQS has scrap bags 🙂 May have to drop in there today (my day off)
    Best way to get more variety in your stash without having to buy 3 million fat quarters. LOL

  2. Katy Says:

    I think you should have tried your best magician act and whipped that ‘tablecloth’ off, no-one would have noticed… 😉

    Still, great way to combat your scrap problem in the meantime by making your own 😀

  3. Susan Says:

    It will be beautiful but it will take forever. Enjoy!

  4. Gillian Says:

    Happy Anniversary. Personally, I find that housework can always wait! Your blocks are gorgeous. Is that raw-edge applique? (I couldn’t see from the pic). 🙂

  5. Dianne @ quitlova Says:

    YOu have a serious amount of leaves to make there! But it will look fantastic, one day!
    Happy anniversary dear, and to Mr H too xxx

  6. Lun Says:

    Oh now you’ve made me buy another book! I agree about that quilt though it is gorgeous! I’m thinking of all those dozens of charm packs and layer cakes I’ve got in my stash that I could use. Are other quilts in the book nice? Can I consider this book an investment??

  7. jan Says:

    That’s going to be a gorgeous quilt and I think ordering pre cut kona is inspired. At least saves the extra cutting of squares so you can get straight on with the scrap play. And yeah I couldn’t believe they were using it as a table cloth either!

  8. Julie Says:

    That quilt is breathtaking! I could never use it for a tablecloth. But I could put it on a bed. 🙂 I can’t wait to see your finished result — good way to make use of those scraps, Helen! xo

  9. paige sato Says:

    LOVE that quilt. reminds me of the knitted beekeeper’s quilt–both in terms of color and effect and tons of piecework!

  10. Gertie Says:

    Ooooooh these little blocks are just gorgeous! I have to say that quilt was the knockout quilt of FQR wasn’t it? It was the first thing I saw when I walked in and I would very much liked to have run off with it. Your version looks fabulous already. And what a way to use up all those scraps!

  11. Betty van Os Says:

    I love this quilt too! Any leafy quilt for that matter and this has a real overload!
    Tempted to buy the book, or askfor my upcoming birthday …

  12. Elisabeth Says:

    I love that quilt and I love the book. Brioni is a genius 🙂
    Now, talking about love, I do also rather like your scrap bin and first two blocks. Your quilt is going to be stunning.

  13. Indianna Says:

    Your quilt is going to be fabulous … Great to have an on going project that you can keep adding to.

  14. diane stanley Says:

    I can see where this will take forever, but will be so worth it. Brioni’s quilt was so gorgeous!

  15. claudia machen und tun Says:

    what a great idea to use a/thousand charm pack/s! I am totally in love with those leaves and actually bought a template off of Katy in London so this post really makes me want to start a quilt like that, too! And with all the time saved because of the charm packs it won´t take too long, will it 🙂
    However long it´ll take you, it will be absolutely gorgeous!!!

  16. Steph Says:

    You’ll soon have that nine million done…

  17. Annabella Says:

    What a fab idea and getting the kona charms is inspired 🙂