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Going nowhere very fast…..

Sunday, November 17th, 2013

I suddenly realized that I’ve only managed to finish one quilt this year – my Siblings Together quilt. I can’t remember when I last had so little to show for a year….quite a few bee blocks, one small, quick quilt and a plain vanilla jumper…..

Part of the problem I think is that the projects I get involved in are, well, all ….big. I’m not a quick project person, never have been….so although I’ve been sewing on my projects – the leaves quilt and the fireworks quilt – pretty regularly, neither of them is anywhere near being finished. I guess that’s the downside of working and not having a lot of time to sew….my things are going to take forever and a day to get done. I will finish them, I always do, but it ain’t gonna happen in a hurry.

Not to mention my lovely Stitch Tease quilt top from last year. I’m feeling a bit guilty on that one as in the last few months a lot of finished tops have been popping up all over the web – and very beautiful they are too – mine is still sitting in it’s box waiting for a border. At least I’ve got as far as buying the fabric I need to make the border, even if I haven’t quite made my mind up about what exactly I’m going to do.

I did manage to get one of Ange’s blocks for this year’s Stitch Tease done this morning…..


She’s making a quilt made with all different sorts of house blocks – this one is ‘Schoolhouse’ by Soma Acharya of Whims and Fancies.

One more to go…the next one has to be purple.

Little steps eh!



9 Responses to “Going nowhere very fast…..”

  1. ange@heartofcharnwood Says:

    Thx Helen it’s lovely, can’t wait to see my other one, but no hurry, i have a similar issue with getting the big projects finished…. :o)

  2. Leanne Says:

    I love to see your progress, no matter how small. Enjoy your time sewing as you like, there is no race.

  3. Ailsa Says:

    Working is a big problem! it always eats into the time you want to spend doing other things. I am not working now (caring for ill parents & about to become a Granny) and my sewing & knitting time has increased no end.

  4. Diane stanley Says:

    I absolutely love your house block. I hope you are well.

  5. Diane Neale Says:

    There are no quilt police to come along and make you work faster! Relax and enjoy it at whatever pace you like.

  6. Flying Blind Says:

    Love those fussy cuts!
    Slow and steady, it’s all good xxx

  7. Catherine Says:

    Love the hula hoop girl!

  8. Elita @ Busy Needle Quilting Says:

    What is it they say about Life? It’s not the destination but the journey that matters? I’ll go with that as long as you’re enjoying yourself!

  9. Katy Says:

    I’m sure all the bee blocks together make several quilts, look at it that way!