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The Malabrigo cardigan is done!

Sunday, July 25th, 2010

No posting yesterday because I was knitting full steam ahead and managed to finish the wrap cardigan late last night. My daughter is thrilled with it – it’s a good fit and the yarn is deliciously soft. It will be really cosy come winter. Here she is (headless) in all her glory. (Headless was her choice, not mine!)

So here are the details:

Pattern: Neckdown Wrap Cardigan by Knitting Pure and Simple – an excellent pattern, which I would highly recommend!

Yarn: Malabrigo yarn. Hand-dyed, worsted weight. The colour  is Stonechat. There was a fair bit of colour variation between skeins , but the end result is fine – the sleeves have slightly more orange tones (but match up together pretty well) and the main body is a little pinker. The yarn is gorgeous and soft. I wonder if it may felt a little on washing – I’ll let you know in a few months. It is soooo soft!

I am a real convert to top-down knitting. The finish it gives, particularly on the raglan shoulders, is beautiful and I love the fact that when you’re done, you’re really done – no horrible long seams to stitch. I am definitely going to knit myself one of these cardigans. I have some gorgeous Manos yarn that I was going to use for a sweater for myself, but I think this would probably be much more useful.

I’d also like to report something quite amazing, which I’ve only just realized. I have finished ALL my knitting projects!! I’m going to repeat that….I have no knitting work in progress or UFOs AT ALL at the moment. Pretty cool, huh! We won’t go into the quilting backlog, but I’m onto it. I’m on a roll now…so expect lots more finishes in the next few weeks…

I think it’s dreaming of starting something with the fabulous Moda Lumiere de Noel fabric that I ordered recently that is pushing me on. That and of course my world famous self discipline……..!!

Have a nice Sunday!


2 Responses to “The Malabrigo cardigan is done!”

  1. CarlaHR Says:

    Hello Helen, what a beautiful finish – I am almost tempted to make that sweater for myself – except that I really don’t need another sweater – or maybe I do. It would be a lovely project to take along on our trip to your part of the world this fall.

  2. Nicole Says:

    The wrap sweater is simply lovely! And what a wonderful slim figure your daughter has to show it off! Good job getting all your knitting projects caught up.