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Sunday, February 16th, 2014


The last week has been pretty productive and I’ve finally managed to quilt and bind my Fireworks quilt. The pattern is by Camille Roskelley and the fabrics are Rouenneries Deux by French General. I still really love the red/beige/cream combination and I’m so glad to have this finished. I feel like I’ve been making it since forever. (OK, I HAVE been making it since forever!).


I hummed and hawed a lot before deciding to be very dull and just quilt in the ditch. I really wanted to showcase the fabric and the pattern and not the quilting (which was a little wobbly as you asked!). I clearly needed some quilting in the ditch practice – and it was looking way better by the time I was finished than it did at the start. It wasn’t exactly a meditative experience like FMQ sometimes can be, there was too much stopping and starting for that, but I’m happy with the result….and even more happy that I can get on to other things with a clearer conscience…..!

My boys have been away in the mountains this week, but I couldn’t really justify any more time off work after my Japan trip, so I was here with my girls. We had a good week – had people round for dinner, watched an outrageous amount of the Olympics and I knitted and sewed whenever I could. There is a sweater about to be finished too – it was amazing how much more sociable and productive I was than when the boys are here…can’t think why as we don’t really live in each other’s pockets in the evenings. maybe it was just me knuckling down and doing stuff and it had nothing at all to do with their absence.

I realized though that when I do have friends round and feel like I’m doing things then I feel much more balanced all round. As this is my big goal I guess I have to carry on.

Life is good


13 Responses to “Fireworks”

  1. CarlaHR Says:

    What a lovely quilt – I love the colour combination – so restful on the eye.
    Do carry on with your goal to achieve balance – that is what I strive for as well.

  2. Katy Says:

    Yay, congrats on the finish!

  3. Flying Blind Says:

    Yay for all-round goodness and a lovely finish xxx

  4. Charla Says:

    I love it! Glad you had girl time and were able to catch up on sewing and household. Hugs all round.

  5. Vreni Says:

    Gorgeous quilt! Congrats to the finish and also to have found “life balance”.

  6. Leanne Says:

    I love the quilt, the fabrics and the pattern. Your quilting is lovely too. I am glad you are finding your balance as well.

  7. Elisabeth Says:

    The quilt is beautiful! I think quilting in the ditch was a good call, it looks great.
    It’s good to hear you’re finding your balance now. I’m still trying to find mine 🙂

  8. MelD Says:

    I remember when you started this and I said that was my favourite colour combo – looking at the finished product, it definitely still is! It’s absolutely gorgeous! Very discreet fireworks… but bursting with energy – really, very balanced 😮
    Yay for those more balanced weeks 🙂

  9. Lush Says:

    Oh it looks just lovely!! I really like the Moda reds. They just have a certain something about them. Trying to find balance myself, have been sewing or creating most days but about to start work on Wednesday so need to keep it up & add in some exercise!

  10. Thimbleanna Says:

    It’s BEAUTIFUL!!! I love the reds and what an interesting pattern. I think you’ve chosen the best way to quilt it. Like you, I’m not a fan of quilts that are quilted within an inch of their lives. And I REALLY dislike when the quilting is so fancy that you notice the quilting first. I want to see the pretty fabrics and pattern. Congratulations on a great finish!

  11. Annabella Says:

    It’s a perfect finish Helen – your life sounds lovely at the moment 🙂

  12. Annabella Says:

    BTW, I couldn’t click over to your blog from ‘Bloglovin’ – I wonder whether it has anything to do with your IP Blacklist Cloud??

  13. Diane stanley Says:

    This is a beauty and has been on my “want to make list” for a while.