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Busy life

Saturday, March 1st, 2014

The last couple of weeks have been busy – but full of nice things – some spontaneous get-togethers with friends, lunch and a mooch afternoon in Zürich with the lovely Elisabeth from Shark’s Dinner and a flying visit to England to look at an art school with daughter no2 and spend the weekend with her godmother, my god-daughter and the indefatigable Eric, saver of the blog.

(You may have noticed some interruptions in blog service recently – and I don’t just mean my failure to write anything! For some reason I have been the target of a massive spam attack, which managed to bring down the server, not once, but twice. Amazing what the words ‘quilt’, ‘fat quarter’ or ‘half-square triangle’ can bring about….no, honestly, I’m joking, as we don’t know what the trigger was, but it did set me to wondering about the incredible pointlessness of the life of the spammer. Enough, don’t get me started….Eric saved the day (again) and that’s all you need to know!)

We even managed a lovely day in York with said GM and GD, timed impeccably to coincide with the Viking festival. I love York, so any chance of a day there is one that I won’t pass up, even though Betty’s tea shop has become so popular with Japanese tourists that there is no chance of a table unless you are up for a two hour wait outside.

Everywhere we went in York we encountered rather splendid Vikings, who had clearly been tending to their magnificent Viking tummies for a good long while. Daughter no. 2 was somewhat bemused. My favourite sighting of the day were two ‘grannies’ wearing normal clothes, but Viking helmets and fake beards, seriously discussing which tea shop they were going to rendezvous in after they finished their shopping. As daughter no.2 pointed out, you would NEVER see anything like that in Switzerland!


I’m slowly but steadily trying to plod though the projects in hand in the sewing niche – and today saw the final stitches in my Hannah Fettig Lightweight sweater. This might look vaguely familiar as I made a lime green version last year – also using Chickadee wool from Quince and Company. I can’t plug this shamelessly enough – faboolah sweater – just perfect, not too cool and not too warm and the yarn comes in gorgeous slightly quirky shades.



13 Responses to “Busy life”

  1. CarlaHR Says:

    Lovely to see a new post – hope the scouting trip for the art school was a success. I am totally with you about hackers they need to find something more worthwhile to do!

  2. grapes and hearts Says:

    Yay for meeting friends! That sweater looks great!!!

  3. MelD Says:

    Sounds like a semblance of balance has re-emerged!

    BTW, just wondering how you change yarns when knitting plain like this – your jumper looks so beautifully evenly knit with no sign of where you changed 😮
    Bet this will be just as successful as the first one…

  4. MelD Says:

    ps my granddaughter went to Fasnacht dressed as a princess-cum-Viking… the mind boggles!! Wand in one hand, sword in the other, I gather…

  5. Susan Says:

    Glad you are getting some down time, and wish you had a photo of those grannies!

  6. Kathryn Says:

    The sweater looks lovely! I am trying to knit a toy pig before Thursday as small daughter wants to dress up as Fern from Charlotte’s Web for Book Day on Thursday and needs a Wilbur. It appears we have no pig among our large collection of stuffed animals and I refuse to buy one. I love York too. A shame Bettys has become so much of a tourist attraction. Maybe the Vikings could drive out the Japanese!

  7. Leanne Says:

    I love your sweater, and I bet that it looks great on you. The Viking day is pretty funny, you would not see that in Canada either.

  8. Katy Says:

    Sounds like a fun trip, I do hope you both came back with helmets and beards to spread the joy around Switzerland 😉

    Love the jumper 🙂

  9. Annabella Says:

    Ooh my brother went to art school in Bournemouth – how fun to be looking at one with your daughter and all your other fun get togethers 🙂

  10. Lush Says:

    Welcome back, you were missed. I always know when I am “big” in Russia, I am in for weird comments. Glad to know I am entertaining a computer somewhere. Imagine how much energy is wasted by the scammers every year?? Could probably fuel the world for decades.
    I hope the school search is fruitful, challenging times for all I am sure.
    Sweater is gorgeous!

  11. diane stanley Says:

    spammers………..ugh, the bottom of the food chain. Seriously, if they are that brilliant to bring down a blog why not use it for something good, right?
    Sounds like you had a lovely time in England.
    I aspire to be able to knit as well as you some day

  12. Thimbleanna Says:

    It’s confirmed. You’re living THE life LOL. Sounds like a wonderful trip. Your sweater is beautiful and it looks awfully comfortable!

  13. Paige Sato Says:

    LOVE the sweater. and the description of the grannie vikings!