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A little bit of domestic goddessery

Sunday, May 4th, 2014

It’s been a while,  it really has. Most of my life at the moment is lived at a rate of knots, juggling a lot of balls, multitasking and at the same time trying to find some sort of balance and appreciating the little things in life. There really hasn’t been much being a domestic goddess for a good long while

Today is the last day of a four day weekend for me. Three days were spent doing necessary and absolutely unexciting stuff: shopping, cleaning, washing, collecting things, you know the score. But today? Today I saved. For me and for pottering and doing some of the lovely things that I don’t find time for on the average weekend…


Making hot cross buns – you can see the recipe here. (We won’t go into the fact that I did something strange at some point and they turned out a bit like rock buns. I’m working on the premise that if I put good things in, then they are going to taste delicious anyway, even if they aren’t quite what people are expecting!)



Potting up my hanging baskets


And my patio pots


Making preserved lemons,


so that I can make some lovely Moroccan food from this recipe book….


I love Jamie and his photos of Marrakech in the Morocco section are absolutely the Morocco I saw and loved when I was there last month with Quiltova

Doing a little weeding (OK, I know that counts as work and is necessary, but at this time of year before the garden has turned into a jungle it doesn’t seem so unpleasant at all)


Putting a collar on my blouse.


I’ve ended up using an absolutely ancient Butterick pattern for this – I know it’s ancient because the collar was so big it would have flapped in the wind, and I had to cut it seriously down to size. The fabric came from Japan and I actually bought a Japanese tunic pattern to make with it. I’ve been pondering the tunic for a while and finally decided against because a) I am categorically way too curvy for a Japanese pattern and b) I had a more than sneaking suspicion that it would end up looking like a maternity smock and cause sniggers all round. So I am going for a shaped short-sleeved blouse of the conventional variety in which I will look reassuringly normal and in which I am unlikely to be disowned by the teenagers.

We also welcomed a new member of the family this weekend. Please meet Pablo – an Italian cat who needed a new home. He is the soppiest animal alive and if I don’t fall down the stairs while he is winding himself around my legs it will be a miracle. It feels really good to have a cat here again. I missed that.


On that happy note I’d better go and give Pablo his dinner!



8 Responses to “A little bit of domestic goddessery”

  1. jan - isisjem Says:

    It looks like your weekend has had plenty of balance. I’m ignoring a big chunk of the house work. I really haven’t got what it takes to be a domestic goddess 😉

  2. Elisabeth Says:

    Sounds like you had a wonderful day.
    Pablo looks like my perfect cat (psst,don’t tell Charlie); it’s my dream to one day have a big, soppy, ginger cat that I can call Godegisel. Please give him a big cuddle from me.

  3. Swissrose Says:

    He’s gorgeous, Helen!! give him an introductory fuss from me 😉 <3
    Definitely a more balanced few days for you that I'm sure have done you the world of good – and adore your choice of fabric for that blouse!! I have sewing plans but am procrastinating about getting started… and may have to wrestle the sewing machine off C 😮

    Hope you're feeling well set up for a good week!! See u soon, hopefully… xx

  4. Leanne Says:

    Your garden is beautiful and the cat looks so sweet. It sounds lovely to have a day to just do what you like.

  5. Catherine Says:

    Pablo looks a just gorgeous. I am so behind on my housework, but then again, I usually am!

  6. Dianne @ quitlova Says:

    I did some preserved lemons once, then forgot to put them into every tagine I made!!
    Your garden looks lovely

  7. Dianne @ quitlova Says:

    Oh and I forgot to say hi to Pablo! We ginga;s have to support each other!

  8. diane stanley Says:

    if you’s like to share the Moroccan chicken recipe, that would be lovely. I have some preserved lemons in the fridge that I made a while back