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Merrily quilting along

Wednesday, July 28th, 2010

Yesterday I managed to finish basting the plaid squares quilt top – my absolute least favourite part of making a quilt – and today I’ve started on the quilting. It’s coming along nicely – but I’m sure will get tricky when I get to the middle. Thank goodness it isn’t a huge quilt! I’m just doing simple stippling – mainly because this is only the second quilt I’ve machine quilted and this is what I did last time and it worked! I don’t feel like I have enough practice under my belt – and control – yet to embark on anything more difficult. One day I will, but today isn’t the day.

I ended up being very boring and plumping for ecru thread. Everything else I looked at was just way too dominant against the ecru fabric. Not very adventurous I know! What do you experienced quilters do when faced with a situation like this? Go wild or play safe?

I’m starting to get very very serious butterflies today. The race I’ve been training for for months is on Saturday. Andrea and I will leave for Davos by train on Friday night. Luckily for us she has a friend who is up there on vacation and we can sleep in her holiday rental. I am very, very glad about this as the alternative was to get up at 4am and drive up there. We have to pick up our start numbers by 7.30am for an 8am race start. I’m really not sure how far I would have got if I’d had to get up at 4am.

I made a big mistake today in looking up the route on the map (which made the butterflies considerably worse). We run from Davos to a little village near Tiefencastel called Filisur. On the map it looked a seriously long way. As my nearest and dearest happily pointed out, running 31km (about 20 miles for the North Americans out there) is a long way in anyone’s book – unless you happen to be one of the superhuman people doing the 78km run, who would probably think it was a walk in the park.

I think it will be Ok. We’ve trained a lot, we’re fit and healthy and I hope the views will be so beautiful that they will detract from any tiredness. We did pick this run in part because it’s a pretty one! (Is that girly or what?). My Achilles has stopped hurting at all, which is a very good thing! Our goal is just to finish without doing any damage to ourselves – and I would really like not to come last! We were quite encouraged to see that there are a few runners from flat countries like Holland and Belgium and quite a few from England. I’m sure that living at semi-altitude (about 700m/2000 feet) and training on hills all the time has got to give us an advantage – even if we are old and not super-skinny types! Anyway enough burblings from me – on Sunday I’ll let you know how I got on.

I hope you’ll stop by tomorrow and tell your friends to as well. Tomorrow will be my 100th post and in true blogging form I’m having a giveaway. So wooohooo see you then!


2 Responses to “Merrily quilting along”

  1. Lindaay Says:

    Good luck with the run! Will think of you and send positive vibes ! Lx

  2. Rachael (Tales from the Village) Says:

    It’s beautiful!