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Being kind to myself

Sunday, July 13th, 2014

I haven’t blogged for ages. Actually I haven’t done most of the things I usually do – I haven’t done any quilting, I have hardly been running, no yoga, not much cooking…life to be frank has lost all semblance of balance. To be fair, most of it has been beyond my control. Work is tough at the moment – with one member of staff out sick for 10 weeks and most of the rest on holiday. This resulted in one student and yours truly trying to keep the ship afloat last week – thankfully we were rescued for a couple of days by one of my former employees, now retired.

All in all it has meant long days and combined with the odd football-related late night, the end of the school year and my husband being in Asia on business, as well as several sleepless nights waiting for the errant teenager to come home not enough sleep or time to recuperate.

I’m pretty pooped to put it mildly and am definitely past my sell by date. By the time I get home I’ve been fit for nothing.

Friday night was really bad and the tension in my neck and shoulders was just giving me a never-ending headache.

That’s when I made up my mind that things have to change.

Like this I’m no use to man nor beast…and believe me, life isn’t fun. NOT AT ALL. And it finally actually clicked in my head that I’m not 22 or wonder woman, nor do I want to be, but I do want to have a normal life without feeling exhausted all the time. It’s time for things to change.

So this weekend I have been looking after myself: eating out, taking naps, I even had a massage (which left me feeling like a new woman – I think it was the reflexology that did it), a gentle run with friends, and some sewing (which frankly as always did more for my sense of well-being than anything else).

I finished this dress…


using this pattern….


I can recommend it – it’s one of the new generation of patterns where there are different pieces depending on your level of curviness, so I think the dress fits better. I still need to get used to it being so…. well….bold! 

So there we are. A bit of balance in my weekend. Teenager no2 has gone off to Thailand for several weeks, school is finished and holidays are almost in sight….and I’m going to head off to work tomorrow resolved to lay down some boundaries.

Wish me luck!




17 Responses to “Being kind to myself”

  1. Tammy Says:

    Love your dress,looks like one I would wear.your story resonates with my life not so long ago. Glad you decided to make a change.

  2. moira Says:

    It’s always good to remind yourself of boundaries. Good luck!

  3. moira Says:

    ooooh, yes and I love your dress!

  4. Flying Blind Says:

    Lovely dress; good luck in setting the world to rights – I’m losing that battle right now too xxx

  5. Leanne Says:

    Good luck. I feel much like you describe and have been planning the same kind of rebellion. I love the dress, I hope you are going to wear it to work tomorrow.

  6. jan - isisjem Says:

    I love your dress! I can related to what you’re saying. I’m feeling the same way. I said to other half recently I would love to be out of the rat race. He said: Bless you’re not even in the mouse race! That said it just seems that I never have much energy left over for the stuff I want to do rather than the stuff I feel I have to do.

  7. CarlaHR Says:

    I truly hope that your resolution to draw boundaries works out as well as the dressmaking did. Love the poppies!

  8. Katy Says:

    Ooh, loving the new dress! I totally know what you mean about things being out of control though, I have the same problem right now and I’m not enjoying it at all!

  9. Lush Says:

    Wow!! Love the new dress, I thought it looked good when I saw it on my phone but now I am on the laptop, wowsers! Just brilliant on you.
    I hear you with the overstretched thing. We are working every hour we get at the moment with no real end in sight. Just wish it was as profitable as it is hard :/
    Good luck with the boundary setting. Lovely to see you back, must get a blog post done myself soon, so long I think I have forgotten the password. LOL
    Lush x

  10. Sherri Says:

    Great dress! So happy you got some “you” time too!

  11. Swissrose Says:

    Ah, you’re needing some of that tonic called “perspective” that is so elusive!!
    The dress is lovely and really suits you 🙂 Must look into those patterns…
    I hope you have a great summer and are able to apply your tonics for a more balanced outlook come autumn – look forward, hugs xx

  12. Diane stanley Says:

    Love the dress and the fit is perfect on you. I hope you get your job and schedule sorted out.

  13. Julie Says:

    You look just beautiful in your new dress, Helen. And I’m praying that peace and moments of joy come to you over and over again these next months. Always thinking of you…. xoxo

  14. Dianne Neale Says:

    The dress is gorgeous. Probably the best home made piece of clothing I have ever seen! And it suits you too. Mind you, not a patch on THAT dress (you know which one I mean).
    I know you love your job, so I do hope you can find that balance.

  15. Thimbleanna Says:

    Oh Wow — your new dress is gorgeous and it looks great on you — looks like a perfect fit! It sounds like you had a perfect weekend — and very well deserved!!!

  16. Elaine Says:

    Hello Helen 🙂 Your weekend sounds lovely – a few hours of very well deserved me-time, combined with some creative results – your dress is fabulous! I love it! Thanks for the inspiration – I’ll watch out for those patterns. And maybe there’s scope for a ‘knit-a-long’ equivalent of ‘be kind to yourself’ one weekend? Your readers could join in and we could all book a few hours to step away from the busyness for a while – together in spirit although not in the same place, if you see what I mean? A virtual day trip! xx

  17. Sarah Says:

    The dress looks great on you. The shape and colour both really suit you. Hope you’ve kept the boundaries in tact and are finding some time to relax and just be.