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Comfort knitting

Sunday, July 20th, 2014



I know it’s completely bonkers – it’s over 30 degrees outside – but when I’m feeling stressed, I knit. Socks, usually socks..this time my regular plain vanilla (which I could knit in my sleep), using Opel Hundertwasser sock wool, which is really fun and self stripes and patterns. I’m really pleased with how these turned out and Opel wools wear really well, so these will be around for a while.

The Hundertwasser yarns are a really cool idea – self-patterned sock yarns based on the color schemes in paintings by  Friedensreich Hundertwasser, the Austrian architect – who you may have come across because of his Hundertwasser houses in Vienna and throughout Austria and Germany. They are really pretty – do look out for them and snap them up if you get the chance….

This week I’ve also been trying to put my new slow down and do less regime into practice. I’ve been getting to the office at 8 instead of 7.30 and leaving at 5.30 instead of 6 or 7. My kids are on vacation so I’ve been whatsapping them instructions – to cook dinner, pick berries, clean up. I’ve been (shock horror) sitting in front of the TV in the evening (and knitting!). I’ve been running, done yoga, had a shaitsu massage. I’ve even been going out for a proper lunch at work and sitting in the sunshine with my co-workers  (not actually to be recommended as I’ve gained a kilo this week – but it felt good and I enjoyed it!!).

I actually feel a teensy bit naughty, but a little bit smug with it. I feel normal and less down-trodden and best of all…..

….nobody else has even noticed that I’ve been slacking off.

Which tells you something, doesn’t it?

Yup. This seems to be the way to go!

Have a wonderful Sunday,



9 Responses to “Comfort knitting”

  1. Leanne Says:

    Sounds like it’s working, and socks are always a great choice for knitting.

  2. CarlaHR Says:

    Helen, I am so glad yhat you slow down regime is working out! What lovely socks, how in the world did you manage to get the two socks to match so well – did you use two balls of wool?

  3. Katy Says:

    Uh, yeah, if you’re at work and the kids are lazing around, you’re not slacking, you’re spreading the workload more evenly!

  4. Quiltova Says:

    Hey, well done you for being strong. I will be monitoring progress closely!

  5. Gillian Says:

    Hi, sounds like you’re achieving that balance. That’s good to hear. The socks are great.

  6. Lush Says:

    Well done you!! So pleased the new you is working out.

  7. Thimbleannaq Says:

    Wow — it sounds perfect! I think we’re too hard on ourselves sometimes. And other people seem to get away with not picking up the slack, so why can’t we do it too? Good for you! Your socks are beautiful — I love a quick and easy knit — very much needed sometimes!

  8. Diane stanley Says:

    Glad you’re getting some me time. I must try to find some of that yarn

  9. Tricia Says:

    Soooo glad you are taking care of yourself! Seriously, you deserve it. We all do! Life has to be about more than work, work, work. In order to do the things that we HAVE to do, we must take the time to do the things that fill our wells. If you are lucky enough to know how to knit gorgeous and comfy socks, then knit (sigh. I have not been so blessed…yet!). Being human means being able to create and inspire. Thanks for sharing your creations with us!