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Walking and dreaming

Tuesday, July 22nd, 2014

Do you ever daydream about places you’d like to live? My daydreams usually involve chalets in the mountains  far away from everything (people, commitments) where I could potter around and have lots of time to sew, raise goats and tend my fabulously prolific kitchen garden (I also somehow gain green fingers in the process). There would be peace and quiet and lovely views across mountain valleys towards snowy peaks.

(I conveniently omit to mention that they will probably be knee-deep in snow for 6 months of the year and are up windy roads with no barriers that would scare the cotton socks off me if they were icy – which they are for half the year).

Recently we did a gorgeous walk in the hills between Lake Constance and Appenzell – I wasn’t very talkative because I was away on a cloud daydreaming….

…see what I mean….

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One day….


8 Responses to “Walking and dreaming”

  1. Catherine Says:

    Hmmmm, I would love something like that too. Looks idyillic!

  2. Quiltova Says:

    Looks heavenly. Everything is so green compared with here

  3. Lolita Says:

    Wonderful! I can see why my Grandfather settled in Oregon, he said it looked like Switzerland. Other than the houses, it looks like where I live.

    I found your blog when looking for the Fireworks quilt and I absolute love your French General red version, it is so striking.

    Thank you for sharing your quilting, knitting and the photos of your travels.

  4. Diane stanley Says:

    I have that same dream and then I wake up to real life. My dream involves a vineyard and a goat farm.

  5. Julie Says:

    I’ll take the house in Photo #1 please…. xoxoxo

  6. Katy Says:

    Oh yes, I know exactly those daydreams. Should you win the lottery and have a little left over, I’ll take one of those too please 😉

  7. Swissrose Says:

    Great minds think alike – I recently took an amazing drive over the Säntis and back again via Hemberg/St. Peterzell, breathtakingly luscious, green and beautiful (including goats roaming free on the pass road!) and then I bought a fascinating book on Appenzell farmhouses… there’s an exhibition of painted furniture in St. Gallen till Sept. 7th that I also enjoyed.
    But you’re right about the drawbacks, which brought both my parents back down to the valleys after 20-25 years up there! They say they enjoy spring too much.

  8. Sarah Says:

    Beautiful in the summer, and winter too, but you can’t get in and out easily in winter! Mine involves by the sea, right by the sea, probably in a climate like where I live, South Australia, so I can cool off in summer and enjoy the non crowded beaches on some mild winters days.